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For today’s marketing leaders, the path to outsized outcomes is tough. Economic volatility, shifting customer expectations, and disconnected workflows get in the way.

But with the right tools, success is possible. At Optimizely, we believe experimentation and frictionless collaboration are key. And at this year’s Opticon, you’ll learn how to clear away obstacles to innovation and accelerated growth. You'll hear from us and some of our most successful customers. You’ll also hear how our closing speaker, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, has optimized for success in his life and career.

Look forward to a future of exceptional digital experiences
  • In my opening address, I’ll share Optimizely’s vision of a future of fast, excellent customer experiences. And I’ll share how to eliminate silos, experiment quickly and achieve boundless innovation with our evolving suite of solutions.
  • Chief Product Officer Justin Anovick will preview our exciting product roadmap. Get familiar with Optimizely’s revolutionary set of products. See how marketing, digital and IT teams can reach new creative heights together.
  • In CMO Kirsten Allegri Williams’s day two keynote, you’ll hear how disconnected data, tools and people have blocked marketers’ creativity. She’ll also share a vision for what a world-class marketing organization looks like. In conversation with CMS guru Shafqat Islam, Kirsten will discuss what’s next for marketing and digital.
Hear how the digital elite meet sky-high customer demands
  • Today’s customers want personalized digital experiences. Brands need to develop, execute, and optimize ideas quickly to compete. In our Customer Q&A, experts will share how they use data and experimentation to stay ahead.
  • At Optimizely, we think it’s as important to celebrate as it is to compete. We give our customers the tools they need to excel and cheer their successes. Chief Customer Officer Chad Wolf will present the Optimizer Awards to brands experimenting in bold new ways.
Learn how the best get better
  • You don’t win five NBA championships without adapting and optimizing. Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s closing remarks will inspire you to compete at the highest level. Magic will share how competition has driven him to the top in basketball and business.

This year’s Opticon is a can’t-miss event for marketing and digital leaders.

Register today to join us on the journey to continuous possibilities.

I can’t wait to see you there!