The pandemic’s effect on the acceleration of digital means that just setting up an online shop or providing a personalized experience is no longer good enough. Businesses need to embrace a data-driven approach to optimize every digital experience based on outcomes. We believe the future of digital is all about the seamless combination of creation and optimization of experiences. With that in mind, we have decided that as of today, Episerver and Optimizely will become one combined company under one brand name, Optimizely.

The “Opti” in Optimizely means sight and is found in words like “optimism” or “optimum.” It is about pursuing the best outcomes and making the most out of something. We believe that every experience can and should be optimized. We all know the real work only starts when the site or digital experience goes live. Optimizely’s name captures this ambition.

In the new Optimizely, we will bring to market the most modern digital experience platform. Through composable and flexible best-in-class capabilities from content, B2C commerce, B2B commerce, AI-driven recommendations, personalization, and experimentation, customers can grow with Optimizely as their business evolves. We make creating sophisticated experiences simple, and allow our customers to move from guesswork and gut decisions to use data and a scientific approach to provide the best digital experience.

We have been at the forefront of content management, being recognized as best-in-class by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for combining content and commerce, as well as extending our capabilities to further personalize the digital customer experience. Now is the right time for our next big step.

What doesn’t change? Our focus on customer outcomes. We measure our own success based on that of our customers. More than 9,000 brands rely on our services around the globe. Over two decades, we have built trust and dependable outcomes in everything we do. Trust is at the foundation of our business, which is why so many of our customers have stayed with us for so long. I’m looking forward to embracing Optimizely with you and evolving together.

We’re bold, humble, outcome-obsessed, collaborative, and inclusive. This is our now. But we’ll never stop improving, innovating, optimizing. We relentlessly seek new, better ways of doing things. We believe that progress only comes from change. We are excited for the next part of this journey together, and to empower you to unlock your digital potential with Optimizely.