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When Emmett Kyoshi was struggling to find a way to unlock his own potential, his mother handed him a paintbrush and paint and hoped he might find his expression on the canvas. Now, after three successful gallery shows, an online auction, and many works of art painted and sold, it is safe to say her wish came true. In her words: “With [Emmett’s] talent, from the minute he was given the tools, he has just taken over.” Emmett’s parents, Kathy Menighan and Paul Wilson, and his entire family, have provided Emmett the foundation and platform to share his energy, creativity, and joy with the world. 

Recently, Optimizely has changed the way we express ourselves. We have a new brand, website, a new color palette, and a new logo. By repositioning our brand, our platform and our offering, we sent a signal to marketers that our technology gives them more knowledge and greater confidence to realize their vision.

Since creativity is built into our mission, we also wanted to celebrate the moment by commissioning new creative works.

When we saw Emmett’s color palette and encountered his fluid, expressive style, we couldn’t resist seeing what he would do with our logo. In addition to his paintings, we featured his work in our brand launch video this April. These works, “Sweet Dreams” and “Flow Like the Wind,” both inspired by our new brand, will soon hang in the Optimizely offices in New York City.

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Emmett Kyoshi

We were also moved by Emmett’s story. Emmett Kyoshi, 15, has Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder resulting from an extra chromosome. Since age four, Emmett Kyoshi has created over 70 abstract pieces which have been featured in gallery showings over the last three years, including a commission to paint the American Flag for the American Embassy in Croatia. Along with his website and social media presence, Emmett spreads his message of inclusion and ability, and raises awareness and understanding about people with Down Syndrome.

Emmett brings richness to the work he did for Optimizely, and his message of inclusion and ability is very much needed at this moment in time. He sees a world through a different lens which lends itself further to his creativity.

What began for Emmett as an expression of love, a Mother’s Day gift many years ago, has turned into a gift for every one of Emmett’s collectors. His unparalleled talent is a bright light for humanity as a whole. As Khalil Gibran says in The Prophet, “Work is love made visible.” 

To see more of Emmett Kyoshi’s art and to learn directly from him about his story, visit Emmett’s site or follow him on Instagram

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