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Saved Goals
Today, Optimizely users can begin taking advantage of our new Saved Goals feature. Saved Goals will offer a faster, easier, and more powerful way to manage conversion goals for your experiments.

Saved goals

Saved Goals highlights:

  • No need to recreate goals for each experiment, we’ll save your goals for you from now on.
  • Set up basic or advanced “Click” goals on any page, anytime
  • Track revenue, pageviews, and engagement with ease



In the past year we’ve released a number of enhancements to our powerful targeting capabilities and today we’re excited to announce our latest addition to the fold: geotargeting! Optimizely Platinum clients can now target their experiments using a customize-able range of geographic parameters.  
Geotargeting Highlights:

  • Target experiments by city, state, province, country, or continent
  • No additional latency (Optimizely still requires only a single static request directly to Akamai)
  • No snippet change
  • Include and/or exclude any geographic area in your experiment
  • Geotargeting is only open to platinum clients right now

Optimizely is hiring… and moving


Our rapidly growing San Francisco based team has reached 15, but we are hungry for more fantastic talent. We are currently looking to expand our team, and have positions open in Sales, Engineering, and Customer Support. With an outstanding team of talent, a fast-growing company, and one of the coolest working environments ever, not to mention a very cool product with lots of happy customers, we are excited to add more firepower to the team (this could be you, or someone you know). To learn more about our current open positions, please check out our jobs page. With all the growth, it looks as though we have just about outgrown our current office space, which means, time for a new office. Same great cast of characters and culture – bigger and better facilities. Don’t worry, we’re not going too far – just hopping our way on over a bit closer to downtown. The move is slated for May, and you can be sure we will be looking forward to welcoming visitors with open arms, and much more space. We’ll keep you posted.

And Finally, a Word From Our Newest Team Member


It is with great excitement that I steal a few sentences on this post to introduce myself – My name is Jodie Ellis, and I have (with much delight) just joined the team here at Optimizely to lead the marketing efforts and ensure that wherever people are talking about the best way to get A/B/N testing done, Optimizely is at the center of the discussion. In both my personal and professional life, I have always had a real soft spot for high quality and great value – as such, I have steered my way into the great fortune of working with best in class people and products in a wide variety of industries and roles. From my very first conversations and interactions with the Optimizely team and product, I can tell you that I have never been more charged up to get in to work. I truly look forward to building a first class communication bridge between Optimizely and the rest of the world, and will welcome input from all sources, be it customer, casual observer, industry insider, media mogul or anyone with a voice to be heard.

As always, we’d love to hear from you – please let us know if you have comments, questions, ideas or just want to say hi.