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With digital transformation a necessity, and a thirst for innovation across industries, experimentation is becoming an increasingly popular method to enable bold change.

Some of the most innovative companies today are creating Experimentation Centers of Excellence and now have hundreds of people across their organizations using Optimizely’s tools to run experiments in order to improve customer experiences.

As more people across organizations become empowered to experiment, it’s critical their experimentation platform can scale to match. We’ve heard feedback from our customers that they need increasingly powerful tools to help them experiment at scale efficiently and effectively, enabling them to manage programs easily and share learnings across team and functions.

That’s why we’ve enhanced Optimizely X with three new features: Mutually Exclusive Experiments, Custom Snippets and Change History.

Mutually Exclusive Experiments

Customers can now run multiple experiments at the same time on a site without interaction effects. As a result, organizations can dramatically achieve more in a given time period and see results from each experiment without having to wait for each prior experiment to complete.

Marketers and business users who may not possess coding skills can build mutually exclusive experiments on their own using a visual, intuitive interface which does not require custom code or developer support.

Mutual exclusivity also powers cross team collaboration at an enterprise scale. With this functionality, one team does not interfere with another team’s experimentation project when touching the same part of the page.

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Custom Snippets

To run an experiment in Optimizely Web, customers include a single line of code, the Optimizely snippet, inside the tags on any pages where your experiment will run. Now, users will also be able to customize Optimizely snippets for more flexibility and control across projects and teams, allowing you to tailor how Optimizely experiments execute on your site. Customers can now break snippets down into smaller pieces, which can help to improve site performance, or combine their projects within the same snippet to enable multiple teams to experiment on the same page at the same time.


Change History

As more teams and individuals work on a given experiment, campaign, or project, it can be difficult to track all the changes and understand who made those changes. Now, you’ll be able to access detailed change history for your web experiments and personalization campaigns, so that you can collaborate with confidence. With change history, you can keep a detailed record of all of your collaborators’ updates so you can launch experiments with greater confidence and security.

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Mutually exclusive experiments and custom snippets are available now to customers within the Optimizely X Web Experimentation, Personalization, and Recommendations products, with change history being made available in the coming weeks. To learn more about these new features and how to start implementing them today, visit the Knowledge Base: