At a glance

  • Enhanced Customization and User-Friendliness: BradyPlus utilizes Optimizely's Configured Commerce platform for its highly customizable and user-friendly features, allowing the team to easily navigate the platform, access data, and display more product information, which was not possible with their previous ERP-based solution.
  • Improved Sales and Order Metrics: The implementation of Optimizely's Data Platform and product recommendations has significantly increased their average order size and overall order count, with monthly orders doubling over the past two years. This boost in metrics reflects the platform's effectiveness in enhancing sales performance.
  • Strategic Support and Future Plans: Partnering with Xngage, BradyPlus leverages weekly strategic meetings to plan and customize their e-commerce strategies. Looking forward, they plan to launch a mobile app and incorporate VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) as part of their future initiatives, further expanding their use of Optimizely's capabilities.


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