Helping customers operate better today

A wholesale distributor of industrial safety, storage and handling and metal equipment, Dillon Supply has more than 20 locations and serves a diverse customer base ranging from manufacturing, construction, administration and other markets.

Everything Dillon Supply does is built on the belief that their relationship with their customers should be more than products or transactions. Above all, Dillon Supply aims to enable their customers to operate better today than they did yesterday. That’s why their mission is to walk alongside their customers, understand their businesses and deliver relevant products and solutions.

When their customers began asking for better means to interact with their business, they didn’t hesitate to transform and innovate.

Delivering a better customer experience with Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud

Prior to leveraging Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud, Dillon Supply had been on an eCommerce platform for about 12 years. However, they did not heavily invest in the platform, nor was it meeting their needs. They wanted a new solution that could help them better serve their customers in the future.

When they set out to find a new platform, Dillon Supply narrowed their search down to three different platforms. They completed deep analysis of the platforms and ultimately chose to partner with Optimizely. 

Since implementing B2B Commerce Cloud, the feedback from Dillon Supply’s internal sales team and with customers has been very positive. Users enjoy the intuitive navigation and report a positive customer experience.


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