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Flugger Group is one of Scandinavia's largest suppliers of decorative materials including paint, wood stain, paint tools and wallcoverings. The group operate close to 500 stores in Northern Europe, as well as, Poland and China. They oversee their own inhouse R&D, production, logistics and stores making them a dominant player in their market.

Flugger have a dual-channel approach, catering for both franchised B2B customers and directly to consumers. By understanding the core considerations and needs of customers, Flugger concentrating on enabling end-users to save time through their solutions.

In order to maintain their market dominance and continue delivering expert customer service, Flugger rely on their digital presence to further expand.

''From a digital perspective, we're trying to make it one uniform setup. That means that we will lift the whole franchise team into our B2C solution. We want to have it in one platform. We want to enable them to have the same possibilities, no matter''. Mads Christian Prytz, Head of E-Business, Flugger Group.

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I will say that they can expect a good collaboration with the Optimizely team. You'll have good support. And also that you have a strong set up, it's very easy to use from an editorial perspective. Optimizely is very big. The solution is a very big setup. You're one of the biggest, but you can still fit into various types of businesses.

Mads Christian Prytz
Head of E-Business, Flügger Group

Competing on digital brushes aside competition

Flugger Group looked into different digital architectures that would excel their online presence for over 6 websites:

''We wanted to have something that was smoothly updated. We didn't want to have a platform where we could see that you would always go for 1.0 to a 2.0...that means big upgrades, and it's very difficult to do that. We wanted it to have a much more smooth set up where you don't really feel the updates they just keep on coming regularly when there needs to be things fixed or there needs to be improvements'', Mads Christian Prytz, Head of E-Business, Flugger Group.

Against their criteria and plan for growth, Flugger Group decided upon Optimizely Commerce Cloud as the ultimate platform to deliver a coherent B2B and B2C digital experience.

''What we can see that is when we're establishing new website in a different country, we can do it very fast. It's very easy to go to market. It's very configurable. So what we can see is that we have gotten another speed that we didn't have before'', Mads Christian Prytz, Head of E-Business, Flugger Group.

Rapidly addressing market needs

Flugger are progressive with their digital roadmap. They have come to understand a good commerce platform needs a strong campaign model, strong personalization and a strong search engine. They believe Optimizely carries all these capabilities allowing them to implement changes quickly and demonstrate a vibrant, colourful experience for customers.

To accommodate B2C expectations on a B2C experience, Flugger have adapted their catalog of sites to include product content specfic to the local country. They have experimented with providing guidance for audiences who may not have strong product knowledge. For example, adapting Search & Navigation to ensure each visitor gets the optimum results.

Man carrying paint out of a store

Yearning for more

To fight against COVID-19, Flugger quickly shifted their site so prospective customers could order color samples, without the need to visit a store. This isn't the only time the organization has moved quickly. They migrated several sites to Optimizely Commerce Cloud in under 3-months. 

The team will continue building their digital landscape to support customers across Europe and new territories and will introduce new capabilities.



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