For HiFi Klubben, omnichannel is a given. They know that selling premium audio online requires physical stores. Customers want to be able to feel, see and listen. So it doesn't matter whether a purchase is completed online or in the store in town – the key thing is that the various channels support one another.

As part of greater redesign and strategy work, HiFi Klubben wanted to create the ultimate omnichannel experience. The idea was that the five e-shops and the chain’s 95 physical stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands will be part of the same customer journey, without friction between channels.

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To implement the new venture, HiFi Klubben turned to Impact, e-commerce specialists and Optimizely Gold Solution Partner in Denmark. Impact was given an overall task that included everything from strategic consulting, a new IT architecture based on microservices to implementation, where a completely new website was built with Optimizely as the engine.

With its new platform, HiFi Klubben has built up a large digital showroom filled with inspiration and advice. The company is very careful to communicate quality here as well, in order to dispel any uncertainty about buying exclusive audio systems online.

One of the benefits of Optimizely, which means a lot to HiFi Klubben, is that the platform supports multiple languages and enables coordinated campaigns. Relevant user roles have been defined, so that a number of editors in the different countries can work together to produce attractive content about the company’s audio products.

With its new platform, HiFi Klubben has strengthened the collaboration between e-commerce and the physical stores, for example by allowing customers to collect their order in-store or book a free listening experience. On the product pages they can see when the demo system is available and the stock status of the products. This strengthens the customers’ connection to HiFi Klubben and their local stores.

In parallel with the digital initiative, the physical stores have also been refurbished. They are increasingly being used as demo rooms with a focus on the listening experience. All items can be sent very quickly from the main warehouse, either to the store or directly to the customer. Sales reps can complete a purchase anywhere in the store using tablet or mobile as the only tool.

Product data enhances the purchasing experience

For HiFi Klubben, it was important to develop the use of product data to disseminate knowledge and radiate the same professionalism in digital channels that customers have always experienced in physical stores.

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Previously, product data was handled directly in the e-commerce platform, which limited the use of the content to the actual website. Communication, file transfer and translations were sent via e-mail and there were many Excel spreadsheets to keep track of product launches and priorities. This resulted in unstructured processes and long lead times.

With HiFi Klubben’s Optimizely solution complemented by InRiver PIM for product data management, product data routines have become more efficient. It’s quicker to set up new products in the e-shop, and particularly important launches can be prioritized. Contact with translators can now be managed directly in the system, and it’s also easy for suppliers to help enrich content.

More importantly, the focus on product data has significantly improved the purchasing experience. The customer is met by product descriptions that are considerably longer than usual and can access expert assessments of products, as well as links to tests and accessories.

We have moved from unstructured to structured data that is searchable and filterable, and it has become easier to edit products in bulk. In the long term, product data will create great value for us.

Karsten Birkelund
Director, eCommerce & Omnichannel, HiFi Klubben

About HiFi Klubben

HiFi Klubben is Europe’s largest specialist chain within high-quality sound,with more than 95 physical stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as five national online stores. HiFi Klubben has a wide range of test-winning stereo and home cinema solutions so that the customer can always find the right solution at the right price.



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