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How to build a winning experimentation program

Unveiling a new level of customer understanding with Optimizely and Google Cloud

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Since Optimizely’s partnership with Google Cloud, we have focused our sights on how we can build on top of the existing value of our high-speed experimentation platform with the unique strengths that Google Cloud brings to the table.

Developing our experimentation solution to run on top of Google Cloud’s infrastructure has given us access to its impressive set of capabilities in AI, machine learning and analytics. Together, we are helping marketing teams create seamless hyper-personalized customer experiences with a newfound level of confidence and precision.

To get the most out of our joint solution, we have prepared this guide that will help you understand how to formulate a robust experimentation program within your own company. We hope that this will help set you on the right path to uncovering true evidence-based customer insights and data-driven marketing success.

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