Optos offers a B2B commerce platform fit-for-purpose

World-leading provider of medical devices for eye care professionals saw the light with Optimizely's customer-centric Digital Experience Platform

''We needed a digital infrastructure overhaul''

Since 1992 renowned optical medical device practitioners, Optos have been the leading provider of devices to eye care professionals for improved patient care. They utilize the latest technology to manufacture new products and software that improve the standard of care, helping eye care professionals around the world save sight and save lives.

With their customer base growing rapidly, and the needs of their customers changing, Optos wanted to completely upgrade their Customer Portal and needed to offer a B2B commerce platform that was fit-for-purpose. Optos had been an Optimizely house for several years but had not upgraded their digital infrastructure—their acquisition by Nikon provided them with the impetus to move business operations to a truly digital offering.


Manufacturing and distribution

Product used


Catching the eye of customers

Since their upgrade and increased investment in the Optimizely platform, Optos have migrated all their digital properties to the Optimizely Cloud. They now operate:

Marketing Automation, personalization and tracking are key capabilities Optos are leveraging to launch and expand on an immersive B2B experience for customers.

Marketing Automation helps Optos create and automate intelligent campaigns that increase engagement and conversions, rounding off a coherent omnichannel experience. Optimizely Commerce delivers a robust, scalable eCommerce platform to more easily fulfill customer orders in a timely and consistent manner.

Their open and click through rates completely disrupt the industry standard.

  Industry Standard Optos
Click Through Rate 2.25% 32.4%
Unique Open Rate 21% 59.8%

''Optimizely has helped us''

Sharon Shepard, Director of Digital Marketing at Optos tell us, ''Episerver [now Optimizely] has a complete suite of products that work well together. We used to cobble together a variety of tools, just to do everything manually, but the platform has made us much more efficient. The tools have also allowed us to pivot quickly to a 100% digital environment and support our customers and prospects better during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Sharon mentions, "between the extraordinary support staff at Episerver [now Optimizely] as well as their network of certified partners, we are well positioned to continue to grow from a digital perspective."

Tools to create a better digital experience

"I guess that depends on what you are trying to achieve,’’ Sharon mentions. "The basics are more about organization, consistency, content/social/email strategy, and getting your other internal partners on board.’’  Sharon tells us it’s about, "making all that tie into your sales enablement and customer journey."

With her senior leadership experience at, Sharon says Optos, "utilize a good majority of the Optimizely suite, we have a solid content strategy, campaign calendaring program, social media and email strategy to make sure the proper content is reaching people when they need it and provide simplicity for two-way customer communications."

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