One of Sweden's most valued childrenswear brands

Polarn O. Pyret's new customer-focussed omni-channel solution has paved the way for continued engagement with their customers. The children's clothing retailer launched their ecommerce platform on the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform with Optimizely partner, Avensia delivering the technical implementation and digital strategy, together with parent company Retail and Brands (RNB).

Today, the global retailer's focus on ecommerce has materialised as a central part of the companies operation and bottomline.

Customer Needs, the Fabric to Success

In modern digital commerce, it is essential to use customer needs as the foundation of your business and to create synegies between the physical store and online channels. When building their new site, Polarn O. Pyret kept this in mind investing a lot of effort in giving their customers a better, more relevant purchasing experience according to their preferences.

The solution, built on Optimizely Commerce Cloud and Avensia Storefront, enables integration between the ERP and the digital experience. Avensia's framework, SCOPE, is used to optimize performance and makes one of the fastest sites in the Nordics.


We have focused on creating a fast and user-friendly website. We want to give our customers the same feeling of quality when they visit our homepage, as they get from the products they buy from us.

Petra Stenecker
Marketing and Ecommerce Director, Polarn O. Pyret

Long-lasting Clothing, Long-lasting Digital

There are several aspects of the concept of long-lasting that defines the way Polarn O. Pyret operate. First of all, the products are manufactured to a quality and a durable finish. The Swedish outfit have gone further than their counterparts by giving the customers a platform for selling and buying used garmets on their site.

The unified commerce solution provides store assistants with a tool that allows them to give customers the best possible personalized service. With a 360 view of the customer in the same system and real-time updates, they can act according to every individual's need.

The Mobile Shopper. Adhearing to Consumer Habits

As most customers make their purchases via smartphone, the implementation has been mobile-first. It was important the design reflected customers shopping habits and included fundamental criteria to meet the expectation.

  • Never disturb the customer, especially during checkout
  • As easy as possible sign-on without leaving the page
  • Gift cards, offers and discount codes work across all devices

Polarn O. Pyret have optimized the buying experience by focusing on simplicity for their primary target group - parents with small children, typically lacking time. Since most visitors don't have two hands free, the site is designed for smooth one-hand navigation.



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