Retail Revolution: Embracing Experimentation for Growth in the Middle East

With the continuous shift to digital reshaping consumer behaviour and the retail landscape, many businesses have changed their ways of thinking and leaned on experimentation.

Different shopping habits, payment methods and online behaviour has become a puzzle to be solved and is getting more complex by the minute. What's to come in the future?

Join experimentation expert, Nicola Ayan to hear about current market retail trends in the Middle East, explore experimentation and understand its application in the retail industry. Whether it's a mobile app or website, there are so many benefits of testing, learning and iterating.

Register for this webinar to hear customer experimentation examples and discover the key points of a gold-standard experimentation practice including:

  • Aligning to metrics that matter
  • Identifying opportunities and customer problems
  • Creating solutions and hypotheses
  • Experiment design practices

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