Obsessed with the health and well-being of every pet

Royal Canin is just as obsessed with your pet as you are. Since 1968, Royal Canin has been focused on the unique needs of dogs and cats. Royal Canin’s obsession with pet health makes it possible for the company to deliver precise, effective nutrition that helps our furry friends live long, happy lives.

Established in 1968 and headquartered in southern France, Royal Canin provides a scientific approach to improve cat and dog health. By working with veterinarians, Royal Canin works to solve multiple health problems through full and complete nutrition.

Growth and change is part of Royal Canin’s DNA. As time passed, Royal Canin’s digital needs shifted. Royal Canin required a new model to enhance the way they were selling to veterinarians, breeders, pet specialty retailers and associates that work within these organizations.

Since incorporating Episerver [now Optimizely] B2B Commerce Cloud, we’ve been able to create a customized and personalized experience for everyone coming to our B2B site.

Ashley Peth
eBusiness Product Lead, Royal Canin

Meeting multiple customer types with ecommerce

Royal Canin knew that providing a robust digital ecommerce platform was essential to supporting their referral and online direct sale business and ultimately growing their business. They had a custom ecommerce solution, but the current business was flat and the customer experience needed an overhaul.

Royal Canin’s multiple customer types had diverse needs, models, and wants. Royal Canin needed to find a solution that would scale to their business and meet the diverse needs. From the beginning, Royal Canin’s goal was to make their ecommerce website extremely customer friendly. They needed a platform that was able to handle the complexities of B2B like complex pricing, integration with their CMS, multiple promotion capabilities, diagnostic-based selling options and a host of other robust B2B commerce requirements.

The Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud platform met many of Royal Canin’s requirements right out-of-the-box. It was able to manage flexible pricing and individual customer types and needs. Royal Canin achieved 49% growth on the platform itself with a 54% increase in orders one year after implementing Insite. Customer satisfaction is higher, CSRs are better enabled and Royal Canin is focused on continuous improvement of their eCommerce experience.

Backed by Optimizely, Royal Canin is committed to transforming their business to accommodate their diverse customer base. Their efforts are focused on one core mission: to build a better future for all pets.


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