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The customer experience race to buying cars online


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Buying a car is a complex process with multiple considerations and dependencies. And lately, potential customers are now demanding a far more effortless and seamless experience when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. 

In this report, produced in conjunction with our Platinum Partner Candyspace, we look at digital trends influencing the car-buying journey and how OEMs and dealers are working towards creating a superlative, frictionless experience for their customers. As part of our wide-ranging research, we spoke at length with three key industry figures: Claire Andrews, Marketing Director – Mazda, Jules Tilstone, Managing Director – DS Automobiles and Victoria Rhodes, European Marketing Manager – Luxury automotive brand.

New podcast episode: It’s a full house on Content Intel as we sit down with Matt Simpson, Managing Director of Candyspace, Simon Culley, Omnichannel Retail Manager at Mazda, and our own Joey Moore, Optimizely’s Senior Director of Product, to discuss how Mazda is meeting its customers’ purchasing demands in the digital space with its new ecosystem of dealer websites. Click here for more.