For marketers and merchandisers, the new and expanded suite of services we’re offering unlocks confident creation. Creative energy and the digital tools to express it are effectively limitless, but the time to harness both is not. Through a combination of data-driven insights and actionable recommendations, our platform now allows marketing and e-commerce teams to use their time only on what matters to their customers and prospects.

For the tech teams and developers that work with marketers to craft the digital experience, our platform unlocks the power of behavior-based decision making. Moving beyond imperfect tools like surveys and cutting through the complexity of data, our platform allows creative technologists to easily use tools like omni-channel experimentation and 1:1 personalization. The result is the ability to create an exceptional digital experience with clicks, not code, and in time for it to matter.

For our industry, Optimizely’s new brand symbolizes a higher standard for digital experience platforms, one with the potential to unlock outsized outcomes at every level. The delight of a customer getting exactly what they desire, the satisfaction of teams that know they are working on just the right project at the right time, and the certainty of leaders who know they can harness systems that shape themselves around business outcomes at the highest level—we’re unlocking outsized outcomes for all of them.

For our employees – Optimizers— our new brand is something to rally around. It stands for the quarter century of combined expertise our teams bring to the industry, a depth of experience no other company has. Period. Together, we will never stop improving.

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