Optimizely Digital Experience Platform provides confidence in globalization platform

At a glance

  • 20% increased visitors
  • 32 individual brands across 150 countries
  • 24 regional websites rolled out in 2016

The challenge

New York based, Xylem are globally renowned as a leading water technology company. Their solutions and services help move, treat, analyse and monitor water to public, industrial and commercial domains in 150 countries.

As Xylem’s business continued to grow to billions in revenue, it needed to create a single digital touchstone to encompass its 32 separate brands that provided its customers with sustainable water tools, technologies and services.

Xylem needed to absorb its B2B customers’ demands for access to detailed and accurate product & application information at any time, from anywhere in any language. It also needed to accomplish its goal of consolidating its digital landscape and communicating its dedication to the advancement of thoughtful water use to its diverse customer base.

The solution

A global roll-out of more than 24 new Xylem sites was targeted for the MEA region, France and Australia. This was the first major step in Xylem’s new digital strategy. It was the stepping stone to an ongoing website evolution, involving more than 150 countries in further releases. After a project definition which helped frame Xylem's expectations and demonstrated how to maximize investment through a phased and industrialized approach, a decision was agreed for the appropriate solution.

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform enabled Xylem to fuse together its B2B go-to market strategies, a key objective of the project. This cultivated in a bolstered digital capability, helping facilitate and grow its audience sales channel and lead generation opportunities.

A vital piece of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform was the confidence it gave Xylem when it came to scalability. This gave live to a globalization framework that brought together detached brands and corporate web experiences.


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