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Configured Commerce by Insite

InsiteCommerce is now Configured Commerce by Insite. This platform is designed to help manufacturers and distributors drive efficiency, increase revenue and create meaningful experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Configured Commerce is fully configurable to meet your brand design standards, extensible to scale as your business grows, and built with a deep integration architecture that seamlessly connects to your ERP, PIM and other backend business systems.

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Optimizely PIM

InsitePIM is now Optimizely Product Information Management, with all the same features and benefits. Optimizely Product Information Management is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with Configured Commerce and allows small teams to quickly set up their catalog and product data requirements and manage the data acquisition and curation process.

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Optimizely Mobile

InsiteCommerce Mobile is stronger than ever with a new alias, Optimizely Mobile. Manufacturers and distributors can leverage Optimizely Mobile to get all the power of Configured Commerce at their fingertips. Easily build and deploy a fully functional, branded B2B eCommerce mobile app using Optimizely's Mobile SDK so your users can do their jobs anytime, anywhere, without question.

Optimizely Configured Commerce Analytics

Gain a holistic understanding of how your online channels are performing alongside your traditional sales with Configured Commerce Analytics, formerly known as InsiteAnalytics.

Optimizely Portfolio

InsitePortfolio is now Optimizely Portfolio. Give your sales and service teams reliable access to the information they need to do their jobs. Optimizely Portfolio provides reliable access to digital product catalogs and related sales, marketing and education content in a branded native application.