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Why most choose Optimizely Experimentation after Google Optimize

Optimizely is the world leader in digital experimentation. We created the A/B testing category over 10 years ago and we're still trusted by many of the world’s leading brands today.

  1. Web experimentation with all the features you need
    Every type of experiment you’re running and more is available in Optimizely Web Experimentation. Create personalized experiences, targeted messages and recommendations.

  2. Maximum performance
    Optimizely Web Experimentation is the world’s fastest experimentation platform offering less than 50 millisecond experiment load times, meaning you can run more experiments simultaneously in more places, without affecting User Experience or page performance.

  3. Personalization with confidence
    Optimizely Experiment give insights into your personalization efforts like never before. Get closer to hyper personalized experiences faster, with more confidence.

  4. Powerful integrations
    Optimizely Web Experimentation seamlessly integrates with all your Google products and other best-in-class tools to create a digital experience stack that maximizes results.
    Works with Google Analytics 4 Works with Google Ads

  5. Easy to implement and use
    Replace Google Optimize with a single update. It works on any website and allows marketers and developers to test and experiment across any touchpoint in the customer journey.

  6. Global support and expertise
    Every account comes with our world-class expertise, support and services for sustainable success. We’ll help every step of the way from switching from Google Optimize to setting up and growing your experimentation program.

Recommended by Google Cloud

Integrates with all your Google products and so many more.

Leading experimentation platform

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands.

Grows with your company

Supports every experimentation feature you already use and more to grow into.

Compare Optimizely Web Experimentation with Google Optimize 360


 OptimizelyGoogle Optimize
Statistically sound results
Easy to use Stats Engine with enterprise-grade reporting, error-proof sequential stats
Checkmark iconBayesian only
No error controls
Real-time results
Complete experiments within hours when traffic permits, and take a quick peek as the results come in live
Checkmark iconNo icon
Show the winning variant sooner
Using multi-arm bandit machine learning, serve more people the outperforming variant
Checkmark iconNo icon
Flexible analytics for data science
You choose what data to send and have flexibility over what to report or run experiments on
Checkmark iconNo icon
Zero-latency SDK for server-side experimentation 
No network blocking requests, for those who want to test their apps without sacrificing loading speed
Checkmark iconNo icon
Test even faster with CDN experimentation
Offload some logic to the web, with instant-loading CDN testing with an easy to use visual editor
Checkmark iconNo icon
Comprehensive developer documentation 
With an active community of optimizers on Github
Checkmark iconNo icon
Powerful integrations 
Use data from Salesforce, FullStory, Segment, Contentful CMS and more in experiments
Checkmark iconNo icon
Experiment everywhere
Test in apps, in code, on the web, anywhere
Checkmark iconNo icon
Turn features off and on remotely
Roll out features in-code using SDKs available in 10+ programming languages for those more technically inclined
Checkmark iconNo icon
Experiment ideation and planning
Planning, scoring, and voting functionality to improve efficiency and experimentation velocity
Checkmark iconBasic
Advanced personalization tools
Designed to build the richest, most relevant experiences and use machine learning to power audience creation
Checkmark iconBasic
No machine learning
Global ROI focused support
On-demand services, and strategic consulting team to increase your experiment velocity and win rate
Checkmark iconNo icon
PCI compliance
Experiment through the end of funnel. For example within checkout experiences
Checkmark iconNo icon

Answers to all your questions

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 are Google’s now deprecated tool for running A/B tests on the web. It was sunset on September 30th of last year (2023). It allowed businesses to test variants of their web pages using experiments and compare how they perform against a set objective.

Is Google Optimize and Optimizely the same?

No, they’re quite different. Both can run experiments on web pages, but Optimizely Web Experimentation has a wider and more established set of capabilities. Optimizely created the web A/B testing category back in 2010 after its founders worked on Obama’s presidential campaign. Google Optimize, was sunset on September 30th, is a free web testing product with more basic capabilities.

Is Optimizely owned by Google?

No. Although Optimizely Web Experimentation runs on Google’s blazing fast Google Cloud Platform and many Optimizely products integrate with Google products, Optimizely is a totally different company.

What is Optimizely Web Experimentation?

As the world’s fastest web A/B testing platform, Optimizely Web Experimentation lets businesses discover customer insights and create high-converting websites in the blink of an eye.

What is the Optimizely platform?

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) allows businesses to orchestrate, monetize and experiment with their websites and apps. Products like Web Experimentation, CMS, ecommerce and more bring you closer to your customers and help you grow.

Is Optimizely better than Google Optimize?

Optimizely created the first popular web experimentation platform. Today it is still the most used platform and continues to be trusted by the world’s leading brands, including Google. With the sunset of Google Optimize, Google itself stated Optimize "does not have many of the features and services that our customers request and need for experimentation testing" (source).


Is Google Optimize sunsetting?

Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 turned off on September 30 2023. Any running experiments or personalization campaigns ran until that date, but have turned off now that the service went offline. You will not be able to access, export or interact with your experiments beyond September 30th.

What is the Google Optimize sunset?

'Sunset' is the term Google uses to describe their Optimize A/B testing tool being discontinued. Google announced it would be sunsetting Google Optimize on September 30th of this year. Experiences using the service, will stop running and users are encouraged to find alternative tools for running experiments. Optimizely, as the most popular experimentation platform, is highly recommended as an alternative.

Why is Google getting rid of Optimize?

Google says they 'investing in third-party A/B testing integrations for Google Analytics 4' and will support more A/B testing integrations in Google Analytics 4 going forward. Their Optimize product does not offer all features modern experimentation programs demand and will go offline soon (source). To keep your experiments running, you should consider moving them to another service.