graphical user interface

Accelerate asset discovery

Centralize storage of all digital assets, from video to images, to documents

Ensure governance and brand control

Create brand templates and build portals and with the most up-to-date assets

Maximize content usage

Seamlessly publish and distribute content to downstream systems

Keep all marketing assets in one place. 

A searchable, centralized repository purpose-built for marketers that eliminates the dreaded: "Where is the latest version of this?" 

  • Multi-format support 

  • Batch uploading and labelling 

  • OCR search, filters and folders

Control your brand. 

Maintaining governance and ensuring consistent messaging and visuals across all your assets just got (a lot) easier. 

  • Asset Collections and Brand Portals 
  • Brand Templates 
  • Asset Expiry 
  • Asset Lineage 

Integrate asset storage into the content lifecycle. 

Connect all upstream and downstream processes with a fully integrated tool that accounts for what happens before and after an asset is stored.  

  • Content request management 
  • Visual content calendars 
  • Customizable workflows for collaborating on content 
  • Omnichannel Publishing 
  • Native Asset Picker within Optimizely CMS 

Automate with AI. 

Thoughtfully-embedded AI removes manual work and gives time back to content creators to be, well, creative. 

  • AI-Tagging 
  • Automated image and video renditions with smart cropping 
  • AI text and image generation 

Our capacity has shot up. We’re able to see more, produce more, and we have so much more content available to us stored in the [DAM],” said Marlow. “It has a compounding effect…Optimizely has turned us into a content and campaign machine.

Liz Marlow
Global Project Manager, Sodexo

We were spending a lot of time preparing for meetings to align everyone with what's happening. Optimizely eliminated the need to do this. As an organization that is process-heavy, our quality team greatly appreciated the ability to track asset history and the ease of ensuring compliance for each version.

Patrick Bark
Sr. Marketing Coordinator, Safran

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