Every essential e-commerce function out-of-box

A composable commerce platform with Catalog, Search, Checkout, Promotions, and more. We have it all and you can compose out-of-the-box, so you get to market quickly and reliably. Goodbye month-long roadblocks. 

Ensure site adoption, internally and externally

Create digital evangelists across your company that unlock results. Internal workflows, permissions, and admin accounts keep internal users happy. One page checkout, personalized recommendations, AI-driven sites, and intuitive re-ordering do the same for your customers.   

Hit revenue targets faster

Configured Commerce is extensible to integrate with any existing business applications and critical systems like your ERP to ensure business (and revenue) never pauses.    

Invest in outcomes, not headaches 

Compose a commerce stack that grows sales, improves retention, and keeps customers happy. 

Ignite meaningful content creation

Streamline, automate, and reduce errors in catalog management using simple drag-and-drop interactions to add products to any page or widget. Manage catalogs, custom attributes, UOM, catalog restrictions, and more across multiple sites, all at once. 

  • Content and Commerce in one 
  • Drag-and-drop interface 
  • Low-code or no-code 

Optimizely has changed the way our business operates, and we now offer a seamless digital experience for the entire network of dealers and our own internal staff.

Jean-Louis Marin
Vice President Information, Napoleon

Drive action with engagement

Easily create personalized promotions and product recommendations that interest buyers. Need more? Automatically reach users with abandoned cart reminders to convert sales

  • AI-driven Product Recommendations 
  • Import customer segments
  • First-party data capture for buyer personalization 

Personalization began to produce results for us on the very first day - we immediately noticed that there was amazing potential here with Optimizely.

Henri Ström
Development Manager, Motoral

Control pricing and streamline checkout 

Simplify and assign pricing to each customer account. Further, launch checkout workflows designed for speed to increase sales while still having time to eat lunch.

  • Customer-specific pricing
  • One-page or multi-page checkout 
  • Integrated shipping, fulfillment, and payment options  

Guest Supply is a very complex business. We needed a solution that took those complex business rules into account and solved for them. Optimizely solves even our most complex challenges with ease.

Kristin Richards
Director eCommerce, Guest Supply

Create lasting relationships

Use lists to make it easy for buyers to quickly reorder products, leverage intelligent search for faster navigation, and deploy an omnichannel strategy with mobile commerce to reach 100% of your audience, because everyone has a mobile phone.

  • List Management
  • Search and Navigation 
  • Mobile commerce
  • Analytics 

Optimizely made it easy for DSG to overhaul their digital experience...with powerful B2B tools like List Management, Commerce Search, Product Recommendations, and more.

Dakota Supply Group

Optimizely Configured Commerce was a clear winner from a business-to-business standpoint. Optimizely Configured Commerce met more eCommerce requirements than the competition with features that came right out-of-the-box.

Maxwell King
Vice President of Aftermarket Sales, Cleaver Brooks

B2B is...complex...with factors like customer contracts, special pricing, promotion, personalization, and deliveries to multiple branches. We needed to partner with a company that was in the B2B space and understood its complexities.

Nate Wotruba
Director of IT Services , Amerhart

It's rare to find a platform that allows you to take a customer-centric view rather than a campaign-centric one. We do not have to deal with complex workflow diagrams or flowcharts for multi-touchpoint campaigns. We can understand the conversion and revenue impact of each touchpoint and put the customer, rather than the channel, first.

Jeff Hileman
Director eCommerce, TestEquity

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