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Reduce risk and recover faster

Experiencing errors, performance spikes or user backlash? Switch off features without redeploying code. Fail safer with rollouts targeted to a small percentage of users before launching at large.

Manage all features in one place​

Stop managing rollouts in config files and tracking features in tedious spreadsheets. Release features quickly, easily rollback and enable collaboration so you can reduce the burden on development and QA.

Test rollouts on any device

Deliver optimized experiences on every channel. Confidently roll out and test everything from new pricing on your website, push notifications on your mobile app to a new feature for an Alexa voice skill.​

Customize open-source SDKs​

Instead of building from scratch, extend our platform to fit your needs. We provide an easy user interface to handle maintenance, documentation, language support and user permissions.​

Create your free feature flagging account

Get started right away, no credit-card needed.

Optimizely will store and process your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy. You can opt out at any time.

Stop launching, start rolling out​

Stop dealing with painful merge conflicts. Move away from long-lived feature branches and start adopting feature flags for greater development velocity, safer code deployments and increased developer productivity.

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Prove value with experimentation​

Experiment with feature flags to build solutions that deliver value and make smarter decisions with statistically sound data in real-time. If you detect errors, performance spikes or user backlash, just switch off the feature toggle to roll back. Make your release process more resilient without redeploying code or redefining budgets. 

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Trusted by 9,000+ businesses and millions of happy customers

The most robust feature flagging platform

  • Feature flags
    Separate code deployment from feature releases. Easily turn features on or off with feature toggles.
  • Experimentation
    Run A/B tests on your feature flags to quantify the impact of new features and optimize existing features. Run one concurrent experiment at a time.
    Integrate rollouts with your development workflow to manage feature flags at scale.
  • Remote configuration with cloud dashboard
    Remotely configure your flags and experiments in our UI. Powerful feature variables, enable you to parameterize your app and update features on the fly.
  • Staged rollouts
    Test and learn by rolling out first to a small set of users, then ramp up over time.
  • Roll out everywhere
    Feature flagging provides SDKs for most web, mobile, and server-side languages that easily integrate with your codebase.
  • Target rollouts by audience
    Easily run betas and target feature access to specific markets, pricing plans and languages. Specify traffic and configurations by audience and development environment.
  • Support for multiple environments
    Manage rollouts and experiments across development, staging, production and custom environments.