Don’t guess, test

Let customer engagement drive your decisions, stop guessing what will convert​.

Maintain speed

Experiment without sacrificing performance by using an easily implemented, no-flicker snippet.

Increase revenue

Lower customer acquisition costs without increasing ad spend or developer workload.

Experimentation is a central part of our growth story. It’s really the pulse and heartbeat of the business. Optimizely has really played a central role in helping us become more disciplined and focused about the way that we do experiments and ultimately drive growth in the business.

Robert Chatwani
CMO, Atlassian

Collaborate with everyone

Experimentation works best when tapping into everyone's creativity. Shared workspaces give teams the same tools to craft hypotheses, variations and more, while highly-visual (and shareable) calendars help track all in-flight and upcoming activity. Need more experiment ideas? Crowdsource ideas with customizable intake forms — and then turn those ideas into winning variations.

  • Idea submission forms & backlog
  • Workflows, variation design tools, approval checklists
  • Shareable calendars & results repository

Design with ease

Anyone can design beautiful experiments with low code and Extension templates that reduce reliance on developers. An elegant visual editor helps you target any element on your page and preview changes, while embedded AI capabilities suggest copy variations based on call-to-action messaging. From technical experts to more general users, Optimizely Web Experimentation meets you wherever you are.

  • Visual editor & on-page preview
  • Multi-page & multivariate tests
  • AI content suggestions

Execute with speed

Use Optimizely's industry-leading, performance-focused Stats Accelerator (Multi-armed bandit model) to attain the fastest, most statistically sound results. Run experiments from the network edge for a swift user experience, then use AI to automatically identify and optimize traffic distribution to significant variations. Target the exact audience you want by defining segments based on 1st-party behavioral and 3rd-party demographic data from your Optimizely Data Platform or another Customer Data Platform.

  • Stats accelerator

  • CDN A/B testing

  • Audience Targeting



Analyze with precision

Optimizely's proprietary Stats Engine helps you reach experiment learnings faster while improving the accuracy of results and outcomes. See those results in one configurable dashboard to make statistically sound decisions as soon as the data starts coming in (peek whenever you like without affecting results), and easily integrate into your analytics tools to streamline your tech stack connections and ensure data consistency. 

  • Stats engine

  • Results at-a-glance

  • Analytics integrations

Plans and pricing

Create compelling content experiences. Empower your editors to compose great experiences by creating and combining content assets.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Optimizely Web Experimentation?

Web Experimentation is a platform that allows you to experiment via A/B or multi-variant testing on any channel or device with an internet connection.

How easy is it to implement Web Experimentation?

Implementation is as simple as pasting a snippet of code on pages where you would like to test or track goals. Tests will run as quickly as they can be added.

Will having the Optimizely Web snippet on my site slow it down?

With our Performance Edge feature, you can run fast website experiments on mobile, websites and landing pages without slowing them down. Speed metrics run less than 50ms on average—that’s faster than a blink of an eye!

Is any development work required when transitioning to Web Experimentation?

No code changes are required for Optimizely Web Experimentation. We provide project-level configuration options that allow you to choose which platform you want to use.

Is Web Experimentation PCI compliant?

We are 100% PCI compliant so you can be assured that all your data is protected.

How does Optimizely count conversions?

We count conversions based on unique visitors to your page through our advanced analytics system, meaning users are only counted once regardless of how many times they trigger conversions.