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Ship faster and prove value

Free feature flag service and A/B tests for developers
  • Remotely enable, disable, and update features without deploys
  • Manage betas or provision features to specific audiences
  • Run A/B tests on your feature flags to quantify impact

Works in the languages you do with zero-latency SDKs

Reduce risk and recover faster from failure

Say goodbye to messy rollbacks and hotfixes. Instead, use feature flags to roll out to a small percentage of users to reduce risk and fail safer. If you detect errors, performance spikes, or user backlash, just switch off the feature toggle to roll back - all without redeploying code. Rollouts make your release process more resilient.

Better continuous delivery with Rollouts

Stop dealing with painful merge conflicts. Move away from long-lived feature branches and start adopting feature flags for greater development velocity, safer code deployments, and increased developer productivity.

  • Feature flags

    Separate code deploy from feature release. Easily turn features on or off with feature toggles.

  • Experimentation

    Run A/B tests on your feature flags to quantify the impact of new features and optimize existing features. Run 1 concurrent experiment at a time.


    Integrate rollouts with your development workflow to manage feature flags at scale.

  • Change history

    Keep track of all of the updates to your features with a detailed log. Easily troubleshoot issues by filtering by the type of activity.

  • Remote configuration with cloud dashboard

    Remotely configure your flags and experiments in our UI. Powerful feature variables, enable you to parameterize your app and update features on the fly.

  • Support for multiple environments

    Manage rollouts and experiments across development, staging, production and custom environments.

  • Staged rollouts

    Test and learn by rolling out first to a small set of users, then ramping up over time.

  • Roll out everywhere

    Optimizely Rollouts provides SDKs for most web, mobile, and server-side languages that easily integrate with your codebase.

  • Target rollouts by audience

    Easily run betas and target feature access to specific markets, pricing plans, and languages. Specify traffic and configurations by audience and development environment.

  • Advanced user permissions

    Granular permissions provide visibility and control across your whole organization.

  • Enterprise security and compliance

    Optimizely complies with ISO 27001, SOC, GDPR, Privacy Shield, and CSA. Protect your account with two-factor authentication.

  • Jira integration

    Connect your Jira issues to your feature flags and view their status in either platform.

Build resiliency into your release process

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