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Free feature flag service and A/B tests for developers
  • Remotely enable, disable, and update features without deploys
  • Manage betas or provision features to specific audiences
  • Run A/B tests on your feature flags to quantify impact

Works in the languages you do with zero-latency SDKs

What are Feature Flags?

Feature flags (also known as feature toggles or feature switches) are a software development technique that turns certain functionality on and off during runtime, without deploying new code. This allows for greater control over feature releases and quicker and safer feature deployments.

Feature flags can be used to progressively roll out new features to a subset of users (canary releases) and can be rolled back if there are any issues, without the need for a code push (aka a kill switch). Feature flags can also be used to run server side A/B tests to gauge the impact of new feature releases on your users.

Reduce risk and recover faster from failure

Say goodbye to messy rollbacks and hotfixes. Instead, use feature flags to roll out to a small percentage of users to reduce risk and fail safer. If you detect errors, performance spikes, or user backlash, just switch off the feature toggle to roll back - all without redeploying code. Rollouts make your release process more resilient.

Better continuous delivery with Rollouts

Stop dealing with painful merge conflicts. Move away from long-lived feature branches and start adopting feature flags for greater development velocity, safer code deployments, and increased developer productivity.

  • Feature flags

    Separate code deploy from feature release. Easily turn features on or off with feature toggles.

  • Experimentation

    Run A/B tests on your feature flags to quantify the impact of new features and optimize existing features. Run 1 concurrent experiment at a time.


    Integrate rollouts with your development workflow to manage feature flags at scale.

  • Remote configuration with cloud dashboard

    Remotely configure your flags and experiments in our UI. Powerful feature variables, enable you to parameterize your app and update features on the fly.

  • Staged rollouts

    Test and learn by rolling out first to a small set of users, then ramping up over time.

  • Roll out everywhere

    Optimizely Rollouts provides SDKs for most web, mobile, and server-side languages that easily integrate with your codebase.

  • Target rollouts by audience

    Easily run betas and target feature access to specific markets, pricing plans, and languages. Specify traffic and configurations by audience and development environment.

  • Support for multiple environments

    Manage rollouts and experiments across development, staging, production and custom environments.

Build resiliency into your release process

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