The Power of Experimentation

The Salesforce team is running more tests than ever before thanks to Optimizely. Learn how they're going beyond simple AB tests to answer more complex questions. 

Salesforce Integrations with Optimizely

We have a number of integrations with Salesforce focused on the synchronization of data, analytics and driving customer intelligence.

Salesforce Service Cloud & Optimizely Experimentation

Integrate Salesforce to connect the dots between test variations and down-funnel customer impact. Create audiences to target in Optimizely based on Salesforce customer records.

Optimizely Salesforce Data and Attribution (DNA) App

Drive ROI and decision making

  • Associate a user’s online experience to a specific lead or contact and to send events between Salesforce and Optimizely Web Experimentation.
  • Optimize down-funnel events tracked in Salesforce, such as the conversion of a web form lead to a market qualified lead.
  • With data-driven insights into how top-of-funnel online events link to down-funnel offline events monitored in Salesforce, decisions can be made more effectively.

Operational excellence

  • Improve information accessibility and data management by experimenting with layouts and component display.
  • Streamline operations, enhance customer experience and improve sales using screen flow experiments or autolaunched flow experiments.
  • Deploy Salesforce changes faster and mitigate risks.

Experiment history dashboard

  • With a dashboard of experiment history for your Salesforce Leads and Contacts, you can provide a better customer experience and better analyze customer journeys.

Salesforce DMP & Optimizely Web Experimentation

Integrating Optimizely Web Experimentation with the Salesforce data management platform (DMP) lets you create targeted audiences in Optimizely Web Experimentation based on visitor segments in Salesforce. From there, you can run targeted experiments and personalization campaigns.

Integrate Salesforce DMP

Segmented experimentation

  • Create testable hypotheses for experiments that align with your organization's primary or secondary objectives.
  • Based on audience’s needs and pain points, can craft experiments that focuses on what customers need and when they need it.
  • Deliver relevant experiences that keep customers loyal for the long haul.
  • Use Optimizely Stats Engine to determine which experiments are performing best based on the statistical significance, hence helping in making the decision whether to stop or continue an experiment.

Personalized targeting

  • Tailor the most relevant and rewarding experiences based on criteria like geographic location, page visits, profile properties and many more.
  • Design and orchestrate streamlined messaging and content for customers across every touchpoint; sales, marketing, commerce, and other service channels.  
  • Provide AI-powered recommendations that act upon the unique interests of each visitor in real-time and helps deliver personalization with minimal manual effort.  

Precision analytics

  • Optimizely's proprietary Stats Engine accelerates experiment learning while enhancing outcome and result accuracy. 
  • View the findings in one configurable dashboard to make statistically informed judgments.
  • Integrate with your analytics tools with ease to guarantee data integrity and optimize your tech stack connections. 

Optimizely Connect for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a unified engagement platform for developing personal relationships with consumers and website visitors.

Salesforce Connector add-on

Dynamic automation

  • Simple 1-time setup to connect customer Sales Cloud data to Optimizely Data Platform.
  • Create segments to pull customer profiles based on Salesforce CRM data.
  • Flexible, marketer-friendly user experience.

Data synchronization

  • Automatically export form data from your website to your Salesforce account database by mapping Optimizely form fields to Salesforce database fields.
  • A back-office or customer journey procedure can be started without the need for manual data integration.​
  • Form data received is consistent.

Embed collections

  • Distribute content across multiple locations.
  • Collections allow marketers to select one or more pieces of content (i.e. existing brand assets available from across your library folders) and quickly compile them within a single, brand-able webpage.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Data Platform

Orchestrate your email campaigns in Data Platform and send the emails via Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

Synchronize audiences

  • Send or automate your Data Platform segments and data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Extensions.
  • Synchronize segments and customer attributes.
  • Create sophisticated multi-channel campaigns using the SFMC Journey Builder.
  • Build sophisticated lists and audiences and enrich existing customer information.

Put email campaigns and follow-ups into action

  • Initiate standard confirmation emails and follow-ups as needed.
  • Attach form submissions to drip campaigns for targeting and nurturing.

Monitor customer email activity

  • Track the last 24 hours of email activity data (sends, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes)
  • Customers can be targeted using audiences and journeys through audience builder and journey builder.

Salesforce ROI Analytics

Measure the impact of web content on leads and their conversion on your website.

Integrate Analytics with Salesforce

Content influencing deals

  • Dig deeper into how your content is influencing closed won opportunities in Salesforce. 
  • Calculate pipeline generated, pipeline influenced, and revenue influenced that was related to Salesforce contacts who saw your content. 
  • Find out exactly which deals were influenced by each piece of content.

Measure impact through metrics

  • Measure the impact of web content on new and existing leads who convert on the customer's website.
  • View metrics such as daily, weekly or monthly totals in the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform analytics module.
  • View ROI metrics for a specific piece of content

Analytics in action

  • With Salesforce ROI Analytics, your data has the power to transform your business. From the executives to the analysts, everyone will have the most up-to-date data and the insights they need to drive the business forward.

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot integrates contact information collected in Optimizely Commerce directly into Pardot.

Connect for Pardot

Form data synchronization

  • Export form data from your website to a Pardot account database automatically by mapping Optimizely Content Management System form fields to Pardot database fields.

  • Initiate standard confirmation emails and follow-ups as needed.

  • Attach form submissions to campaigns for targeting and nurturing.




Secure authentication

  • A more modern, consistent, and secure method for authenticating to the Pardot API. The newly supported authentication method leverages the familiar Salesforce OAuth flows using your Salesforce users, no longer requiring a one-off Pardot-only user.

Prospect segmentation

  • Segment your prospects with lead grading (prospects who are of interest to your organization) and lead scoring (prospects who are interested in your products or services).

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Monetize

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) integrates contact information collected in Optimizely Monetize directly into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Understand customers better

  • Utilize consumer information from any source based on traits, browsing habits, and past purchases to create customised messages.

Data driven messaging

  • Messages based on Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) data may be delivered to each contact. These messages are fueled by real-time data updates and other consumer interactions.

Salesforce CRM for Email

Use your CRM data and transfer automatically contacts, leads and response data. Your CRM is the perfect data source for your recipient lists in Optimizely Campaign.

Streamlined messaging

  • Email directly from a personal account or from any kind of record including leads, contacts, opportunities, case records, and campaigns you have access to. From within Optimizely recipient lists, send an email to any valid email and attach files.

Automated reconciliation of data

  • The automatic reconciliation of data between Salesforce and Optimizely Campaign is key to this Salesforce integration. While Salesforce sends recipient and customization information to Optimizely Campaign, the email marketing platform responds with the send status, as well as delivery and response information.

Salesforce CRM for CMS

Salesforce CRM provides a unified engagement platform for developing personal relationships with consumers and website visitors.

Salesforce CRM Connector (CMS 12) App

Personalized experiences

  • Optimizely connect for Salesforce CRM ensures your website’s visitor data is synced with your CRM, while providing personalized experiences for website visitors.
  • Use built-in features like visitor groups combined with content recommendations to deliver meaningful personalization that converts.

Lead capture automation

  • Automate the process of capturing new leads on your website and creating matching contacts in Salesforce. 

Forms and visitor groups

  • Using Optimizely connect for Salesforce CRM in combination with Optimizely forms and visitor groups gives website visitors a unique experience based on the items in the Salesforce contact, account, contact, campaign, or case objects.

Email Content Recommendations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Integrate email content recommendations from Optimizely Recommendations into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Email campaign automation

  • Use email product recommendations in email marketing campaigns, and in transactional and automated triggered emails such as abandoned basket, welcome messages, order confirmation, order dispatched messages, and so on. 
  • Use email content recommendations in email campaigns where you want to provide relevant content to your customers.

Hyper-relevant recommendations

  • Our highly relevant suggestions have the highest chance of being clicked on, enticing more site visitors to come back and continue their content exploration based on their real-time interests updated interests.