What is an Optimizely digital badge? 

Optimizely has partnered with Credly to provide a digital version of your hard-earned credentials. Digital badges can be used in email signatures, digital resumes and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Badge images contain verified metadata that describes your qualifications and the process you took to earn them. 

Earn your badge

Once you have completed your work, you will receive an email from Credly. Optimizely will be the one issuing your badge, but all credentials will be managed through the Credly platform.

Accept through Credly

To immediately share your badge, click on "Accept your Badge" within the email you receive from Credly. First time users will be required to create an account within Credly's platform.

Strut your stuff

Digital badges are credentials owned by you, so you can decide how and when you want to share them. Once logged in, you will see your badge and evidence of your achievement.

Help & support

For questions related to your digital credential, please contact Optimizely Education. For questions related to the Credly platform see the Credly Help Center