How it works:

  • You fill in the information requested and attach a copy of your current CMS certification for review.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your application.
  • Acceptance to the program is contingent upon proof of an accepted certification.
  • Submitting the form means you understand and agree to the conditions of the program.
  • Once accepted to the program, you will receive information on how to access your training.

Opt-in to skill-up

Our program is open to anyone with a valid non-Optimizely developer certification (Sitecore, Adobe AEM, Contentful, Kentico, Umbraco—other certifications will be up for consideration upon review).

Terms & Conditions
  • Must not have been certified as an Optimizely developer in the past 5 years
  • Cannot have participated in a previous certification exchange program (Sitecore certification partner program)
  • Participants must provide proof of their current certification for review
  • An individual can only sign up for the program once
  • Before attempting the certification exam, the participant must complete all eLearning modules
  • A participants account will be deactivated after 3 months of inactivity
What's included
  • 6-month access to Optimizely Content Cloud Certification Program eLearnings that include all the materials you need to successfully build and implement Optimizely Content cloud solutions
  • Description of certification knowledge areas
  • Optimizely Content Cloud developer certification exam attempt
Topics covered
  • Development Fundamentals:  Optimizely conventions, defining content types, implementing framework components, security and performance, working with APIs, etc. 
  • Customizing and Extending Optimizely Solutions:  Rich text editor, user interface, performing tasks using repository APIs, distributing Apps and Integrations, etc.

  • Implementing Features:  Personalizing content, managing content using Projects, reviewing content using Content Approvals, optimizing content using A/B testing, etc

  • Data Integration:  Storing data in the Content Database, Integrating external content with Content Cloud, Getting visitor data using Forms Add-on, etc.

  • Implementing Headless using the Content Delivery API

Frequently asked questions

For a 6 week study plan, we’d recommend you devote about 4 hours a week. 

After completing the required training, send an email to and request to take the exam. Dates can be found here.

You must wait at least 21 days between exam attempts. You may purchase a second exam attempt here.

No, but this program isn't going anywhere. Just sign up when you are able to devote the time to complete it. Any accounts with no activity for three months will be deactivated.