At Optimizely, one of our main goals is to enable organizations and individuals in their learning and development paths. One way we do this is by assuring that our certification tests meet rigorous standards. To do this, we need to continuously recruit and retain subject matter experts (SMEs) that have prior experience working with our products.

Given the importance of keeping Optimizely certifications relevant and dynamic, Optimizely has developed a new subject matter expert (SME) recruitment program. This program is intended to leverage the expertise of people like you to keep Optimizely certifications valid, reliable and relevant in your fields.

Optimizely is currently seeking qualified individuals to participate in the subject matter expert (SME) program to help with exam design activities (e.g., job role analysis, job task analysis) and exam content development activities (e.g., item writing & item review, standard setting) for Optimizely certifications. We are currently recruiting SMEs for the following technical areas:

  • Content Cloud, Commerce Cloud & B2B Commerce Developer roles
  • Experimentation: Web Developer, Web Strategist & Full Stack Developer roles

Required qualifications include: 

  • Experience working with Optimizely Content Cloud, Commerce Cloud or Experimentation products
  • Ability to follow detailed rules, guidelines and processes for writing items
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and security of all testing materials and content per Optimizely guidelines
  • Ability to receive and act upon feedback and reviews
  • Ability to meet deadlines within tight timelines

Preference will be granted to those individuals with prior item writing experience, OMVP status or individuals holding current certifications in any Optimizely products. 

For individuals accepted into the program, Optimizely will provide comprehensive online training on how to create blueprints for a test, how to write and how to review items. 

Benefits include:

  • Consideration by OMVP board for MVP status
  • Free extension of current certifications and/or free certifications when yours expire
  • An opportunity to contribute to the field and grow in your professional role
  • An opportunity to define and validate the professional activities you feel are most important in your professional field
  • An opportunity to collaborate with other colleagues in your profession
  • Be a key contributor to the advancement of Optimizely's Education mission which is to enable organizational and individual development through maintaining current certification programs and the building of new programs as technologies expand.