The Product Experimentation Playbook

Everything you need to know to gain value from experimentation and progressive delivery

The Product Experimentation Playbook guides you through the essential first steps to gaining full value from digital experimentation and progressive delivery. Five worksheets help you put the theory into practice as you learn how to quickly build quality experiments, share results with confidence, and deploy experimentation across teams.

Whether you’re on Test 001 or Test 1,001, this Playbook will reveal the secrets to growing and scaling experimentation.

  • Connect your experimentation to key company initiatives
  • Reinforce learnings with clear worksheets you’ll actually use
  • Build a culture of experimentation by encouraging participation and promoting success

"The differentiator for us is ensuring that we experiment our way to a better customer experience." Abdul Mullick, Head Of Digital Transformation at Sky

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The Product Experimentation Playbook
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