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De-risked Website Redesign

Asana reduced risk in a dramatic departure of brand, design, and messaging during a website redesign.

Boosted Donation Size

charity: water boosted their average donation size by running a series of experiments via Optimizely.

Increased Video Views

IGN’s product team created a culture of experimentation to speed up product development and increase views of their video gaming content.

Reduced Return Rate

The sports gear company examined purchase pattern behavior and tested how to improve customer satisfaction and reduce returns.

Established Testing Culture

Optimizely helped Evans Cycles gain insight into user behavior across their website and use testing & analytics throughout the company.

Increased Conversion Rate

A strong optimization strategy helps REVOLVE build customer loyalty and turn more browsers into buyers on the web and mobile.

More Ad Revenue

eHow drives a major increase in ad revenue by optimizing viewability metrics using Optimizely’s Moat integration.

100 + A/B tests per year

A strategy of constant optimization helps Trulia maximize leads and drive revenue from its web and mobile properties.

Improved Navigation

WWF Switzerland increased traffic from the homepage to their donation pages by 360%.

Personalized Homepage

Citrix integrates with Demandbase to accelerate the buyer's journey from awareness to sale.

Increased form submissions

AutoScout24 increased their form's conversion rate by 21.6% using Optimizely.

Increased Ad Viewability

Discovery Communications integrates their A/B testing with Moat to increase ad viewability and drive revenue.

Building a data-driven culture

Testing improved click-through-rate, converting readers to subscribers and gaining support for experimentation.

Optimizing for Mobile Web Wins

Hotwire tested a redesigned product page for their car bookings and uncovered their biggest win of the year.

100 % uplift in page views

Trinity Mirror uses Optimizely to streamline ‭‬their product roadmap.

2 x Revenue in One Month

Smarter Travel optimized a key entry-point landing page to drive search conversions and monetization.

8 % increase in filter usage optimized a central part of their e-commerce experience.

36 % lift in online orders

Marc O’Polo increases website sales with optimized homepage and product detail pages.

More Impactful Website Redesign

Home24 Launches Impactful Website Redesign through testing and increases online orders through minimalistic design.

70 % increase in cross-sells

Verivox formulates a nimble, efficient optimization strategy and dramatically improved their cross-sells .

Implemented a testing culture

Lost My Name use Optimizely to understand their customers and build a testing culture

28 % Lift in Social Shares

Upworthy tested adding a recommended content module to its website to drive more social shares and engagement.

63 % Increase in Order Conversions

Blu Dot optimizes to drive sales and connect with customers.

133 % More New Members

Trunk Club tested to optimize their onboarding process, with staggering results and business impact.

More Social Engagement

Movember optimized social sharing functionality to support their peak fundraising period and drive donations.

More Student Sign-ups optimized its headlines and CTA messaging to significantly increase sign-ups for its Hour of Code campaign.

Tracking Full Funnel Conversions

Teletext tracks its entire bookings funnel from web to phone using Optimizely.

140 % Increase in Lead Quality

Iron Mountain optimized its lead generation process to improve the quality of leads generated from its online sign-up form.

Increased Mobile LTV

Secret Escapes tested variations on their mobile signup pages, doubling conversion rates and increasing lifetime value.

Improved Checkout Funnel

Sony optimized banners ads and product pages to drive more customers through the checkout funnel to make a final purchase on its website.

10 % More Email Sign-ups

New York Public Library optimized for member engagement, including promoting its email newsletter.

12 % Increase in Sales

The Clymb and Lytics partnered to deliver personalized experiences to high-value customer segments.

More Efficient Fundraising

The Romney 2012 Campaign optimized calls-to-action, forms, state-specific landing pages.

49 % Increase in Donations

The Obama 2012 Campaign ran over 500 experiments over 20 months to drive online fundraising.

Optimization as a Company KPI

Learn how Move, Inc. leverages Optimizely as part of an agile growth process to reach their revenue goals.

43 % Lift in SimCity Pre-Orders

To maximize revenue during a launch of SimCity, Electronic Arts tested a promotional offer on the game's pre-order page and in paid advertising.

5 % More Pageviews Per Visitor

Ringier used headline testing and image testing to increase reader engagement with their content.

46 % Increase in Subscriptions

The Guardian tested the homepage, landing pages, and navigation menu on its dating site – Soulmates –to increase subscriptions.

6 x More Social Shares

Bleacher Report optimized modules, placement, and targeted messaging to continually optimize social engagement.

Doubled Mobile Activation

French Girls optimized their app onboarding flow to dramatically increase their user activation rate.

28 % Increase in Mobile Web Revenue

VeggieTales with Blue Acorn optimized product pages, their mobile website, and social sharing for revenue gains.

17 % More Revenue Per Visitor

Smart Wool optimized after a site redesign to generate more revenue from it's e-commerce website.

69 % Increase in Conversions

ComScore tested the layout and design of customer testimonials on product pages to measure the impact on leads generated.

54 % More Revenue Per Visitor

FSAstore optimized its e-commerce site to increase overall revenue per visitor.

23 % Lift in Sign-Ups

1-800-Dentist ran a test on its customer funnel to see if removing form fields from the first steps would increase conversions.

24 % lift in Revenue from SEM

Liftopia built a test to show SEM traffic exactly what they were searching for, rather than additional product options and deals.

10 % Increase in Conversions

Bigstock tested a new search algorithm to see if it would present better results to users browsing for images on their website.

Building Data-Driven Experiences

Chrome Industries used data to inform promotions and design decisions on its e-commerce site.

26 % Increase in Revenue

Soccerloco partnered with Digital Operative to redesign its homepage and checkout funnels for more revenue.

4 % Increase in Orders

Spreadshirt tested through a website redesign process to make sure key metrics improved.

19 % Increase in Revenue

Lifeproof teamed up with an Optimizely Solutions Partner to build a data-driven testing culture and increase revenue by 19%.

12 % lift in Total Broadcasts

Ustream tested combinations of text and icons on their site's primary call-to-action to see which would drive more broadcasts.

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