Elite Hotels offer 39 quality hotels, from Kiruna in the north of Sweden to Malmö in the south. Every hotel has a special character and tells its own story. Most often you will stay in a unique and carefully renovated building. Their aim is to unite a classic style with modern trends to create a memorable stay.

Elite Hotels is the largest privately owned hotel chain in Sweden with a total of 39 facilities in 25 cities.

Digital facilitiates for the hotel chain

Elite Hotels wanted to continually enhance user experience in both private as well as business travel parts of the site. This included adaptations for increased sales with add-ons etc including design, functionality, speed amongst a list of new digital requirements. New capabilities such as fast updates of design, security, Cloud infrastructure and new features would harmonize with Elite Hotels marketing and facilitate end user demand.

Elite Hotels required a proven framework and platform that would allow fast changes without interfering with constant booking of rooms. Moreover a solution that gives administrators a tool that is easy to work with. After evaluating several other platforms, Optimizely Content Cloud was chosen for its high ability within these fields.

Optimizely Content Cloud is a content management system and digital marketing suite. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver individualized content experiences across all of your channels.

Built on Microsoft Azure, the CMS platform is constantly live, meaning bookings can be made at any hour by visitors.



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