[On-Demand]: Optimizely's Summer '24 Product Roadmap

Watch Rupali Jain, Optimizely CPO, recap the 'top 5' releases so far in 2024, and scroll down to one (or all!) of three breakout tracks to see what we have in the works for the second half of the year!

Opti ID and Admin Center

In the coming months, we will be rolling out Opti ID, a simplified and more secure login experience for all of our customers. Along with Opti ID, user management and permissions will be transitioned to a new Admin Center. It will first be released to customers who currently do not log in with SSO. We will provide more information in the coming weeks.

*Please reach out to your customer success team if you have questions.

Screenshot of Opti ID login page

Updates to CMS12 + DAM

We're making updates for a more seamless experience when pulling assets into CMS12 from Optimizely DAM. Users will be able to:

  • Query data quicker with asset metadata available in Graph
  • Upload assets to DAM from Asset Picker
  • Generate images with AI within Asset Picker
  • Easily access and call asset renditions (even if the original asset is the only content selected)

Screenshot of DAM Asset Picker in CMS

AI Enhancements

Context-aware AI: Opal, Optimizely's AI assistant, will take in brief and task/campaign information to provide contextual support with content creation

AI trained on customer data: This will help marketers ensure all content is on-brand, and easily find opportunities for better consistency

graphical user interface, application

AI Campaign Kits

Marketers can ideate and kick off higher-performing campaigns with AI-powered campaign templates and kits based on company-specific brand guidelines.​

Templates will include:​

  • Campaign objectives​
  • Target audience​
  • Marketing channels​
  • Success metrics​

graphical user interface, application

Recurring Tasks

Users will be able to create and schedule recurring tasks to save time when needing to schedule repetitive initiatives (e.g. monthly newsletter tasks).

graphical user interface

Business Calendar

For better transparency around team availability, admins will have the ability to set company-wide schedules, ensuring everyone is aware of non-working days. Employees can also seamlessly submit and track their PTO requests.

graphical user interface, application

Automated Workflows

Users can create rules based on a "if this then that" structure to automate workflows. For example, a workflow can be configured so that if a Work Request is accepted, then a Campaign is automatically created. 

graphical user interface, application, Teams

Operational Reporting

New custom dashboards will answer key operational reporting questions, like:

  • Where are we "stuck" (based on fields, e.g. content type)?
  • How much content have we produced for X audience or channel? 
  • What's our on-time performance for a particular piece of content?  

graphical user interface, application

Taxonomy Hierarchy

Admins will have the ability to nest sub fields under parent fields to create a hierarchy and ensure proper taxonomy within their CMP instance. Users will have the ability to select only from the sub fields provided.

graphical user interface, application

Asset Utilization

Marketers will be able to gain insight into view, download and usage data for assets within the Library to track how (and where) content is used.

graphical user interface

UX Delights

  • Locale analytics: Users will be able to view analytics for different locales

  • Add Content dropdown updates: Improvements to the UX of searching for and discovering content types and components within a task

  • Rich Text Comments + Emojis: Spice up your feedback by adding rich text and emojis in your comments.
  • Deactivate Field Values: Users can make field values inactive so they can't be selected, but historical data will remain intact
  • Field Groups: Users can create templates for field groups so the fields will automatically populate when the applicable template is chosen (e.g. if a user chooses Asset template, the pre-defined asset fields will automatically be shown, as pictured below)

graphical user interface, application

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