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Optimizely, founded in 2012, has been delivering tools and support for topnotch brands to build cultures of experimentation, servicing both client-side testing (Web Experimentation) or browser-based testing, and server-side testing (Full Stack) or SDK-based testing for progressive rollouts and feature flagging. Being one of the only companies that serves as an industry leader in both types of testing tools, we maintain the responsibility to supply a reliable service for our customers to get instantaneous results. Processing massive amounts of customer inputs per second and calculating immediate responses to our customers’ experiences is no small task! Add in the power to continuously generate big data evaluation to help our customers achieve significant statistics in their testing. This prevents our customers from taking infrastructure and processing power lightly. 
Enter Google Cloud – who is more than willing to accept the task of hosting Optimizely’s services and working with us to even optimize our own performance through incomparable professional services and support, for example, tooling to handle peaks (imagine Black Friday and the holidays!). The sky becomes the limit as Optimizely continues to grow its global roster of top customers who will not accept anything less than perfection. 
Moreover, Optimizely will now be available in Google’s Cloud Marketplace, allowing our joint customers who are committed to a Google Cloud strategy to capture Optimizely’s value along with their annual commitment to their cloud investment. We join an amazing collection of services and tools designed on Google Cloud to realize top potential for brands (and we think we are an ideal fit!). 
Want to learn more? Reach out to your Google Cloud sales team to connect you with Optimizely’s solutions team who will help your organization drive optimized solutions for your customers. And now you can be certain the engine behind Optimizely’s machine matches our front end!