At a glance

  • Lack of Operational Rigor: Prior to utilizing Optimizely's CMP, BMC lacked operational rigor in their content operations, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in managing content across various teams and regions. Disparate business units operating independently resulted in a lack of standard governance and brand adherence.
  • Operational Efficiency: BMC Software experienced enhanced operational efficiency and collaboration after implementing Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP). The platform facilitated standardized governance, streamlined workflows, and improved brand adherence, resolving previous content chaos issues.
  • Seamless Asset Discovery: Optimizely's CMP includes a robust DAM feature that facilitates seamless discovery of assets, allowing for reuse, repurposing, and recontouring as needed.
  • Unified Content Strategy: With Optimizely CMP, BMC Software established a unified marketing content strategy, including a global content calendar and 24 workflows. This centralized approach enabled the creation and deployment of on-brand content across multiple regions and business units.


BMC Software is a global leader in IT software solutions with a focus on providing comprehensive tools for managing and optimizing IT infrastructure and digital services. BMC operates across 40 countries with over 6,000 employees. However, prior to implementing Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP), BMC faced significant challenges in content management operations, struggling with disparate business units, a lack of brand governance and content clarity, and operational inefficiencies.


  1. Content Chaos: Before implementing Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP), BMC Software struggled with disparate business units operating independently, resulting in a lack of standard governance and brand adherence.
  2. Operational Inefficiencies: The absence of a unifying tool in content operations hindered collaboration and efficiency, leading to challenges in managing content workflows effectively.
  3. Lack of Clarity: BMC Software lacked a centralized content strategy, making it difficult to align marketing efforts globally and ensure consistency across all content assets.


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive content marketing platform, BMC Software turned to Optimizely. They implemented Optimizely's CMP, which provided a centralized solution for content governance, lifecycle management, and collaboration. The platform offered standardized workflows, enhanced reporting, and a global content calendar, enabling BMC Software to streamline its content operations and drive greater operational rigor.


The implementation of Optimizely's CMP yielded significant results for BMC Software. The company now boasts a unified marketing content strategy with standardized governance, supported by approximately 24 workflows within the platform. Notably, BMC achieved a milestone by establishing a single global content calendar, enhancing coordination and alignment across its marketing organization worldwide. Additionally, the robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature within Optimizely's CMP enabled seamless asset discovery and utilization, further enhancing content efficiency and effectiveness.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, BMC Software plans to leverage Optimizely's AI capabilities. They aim to dive headfirst into optimizing new AI features, such as Opal, and capitalize on partnerships with platforms like to further enhance their content marketing efforts.


Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform has been instrumental in transforming BMC Software's content operations from chaos to clarity. By providing a centralized solution for content governance and collaboration, Optimizely has empowered BMC Software to drive greater operational efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness in its marketing content strategy. As BMC Software continues to grow and innovate, Optimizely remains a valued partner in their journey towards content marketing excellence.



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