Clover is a cloud-based, Android, point of sale platform that was launched in April 2012 providing business payment solutions for SMEs in the restaurant, retail services and ecommerce sectors. The US-based business is experiencing an enormous growth period, with an annual processing volume of over $133bn across nine million transactions daily on the one million payment devices it has shipped all over the world.

The Digital Growth team at Clover is responsible for optimizing its customers’ digital experience. The business relies on experimentation to guide digital decision-making which enables Clover and its customers to quickly learn and measure what changes deliver the best outcomes for the users. Clover needed to find a partner to build a high velocity experimentation programme to solve real customer problems.

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Clover chose Optimizely to design a solution that would drive impact faster for its customers, using an integrated mix of Optimizely Web and Optimizely React. The solution helped to reduce reliance on technical resources so that it could instrument web experiments out-of-the-box on dynamic websites. The Optimizely Stats Accelerator and Engine then allowed faster decisions with reduced time, showing peeking results of experiments over time.The final integrated piece of the solution was to iterate experiments faster, with all the business data available, in real time all in one place without using developer resources through integrating with Optimizely Heap. Heap automatically captures every customer touchpoint and automates away the pain of data collection.

Clover cash register with different devices

Clover’s Digital Growth team chose to partner with Optimizely in an effort to build a high-velocity experimentation programme. Since replacing Adobe Target with Optimizely, the team has been able to grow its experiment velocity by four times every month, uncovering insights they’ve used to significantly increase their digital acquisition amongst SMB merchants on The project results have met all of Clover’s objectives which included reduced reliance on technical resources to instrument web experiments, having more confidence in experiment data with real-time results and improved false discovery rate control and receiving custom training with frameworks to operationalize experimentation from a team of experts dedicated to improving test velocity and win rate.



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