At a glance

  • Optimizely Partnership: DocuSign's experimentation journey began a decade ago, with Optimizely serving as a foundational tool to optimize conversion rates on the website. The partnership evolved, with DocuSign upgrading to Optimizely's enterprise plan in 2017 and later incorporating Optimizely Feature Experimentation in 2020
  • Scalable Experimentation: Optimizely's experimentation platform played a pivotal role in enabling DocuSign to scale its testing initiatives. The self-service capabilities of Optimizely Web allowed teams to conduct experiments without heavy reliance on engineering resources, unlocking the potential for rapid experimentation across various aspects of the business.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: More than 20 teams at DocuSign, including marketing, product, design, and engineering, actively utilize Optimizely. This broad adoption spans hundreds of users within the DocuSign ecosystem, showcasing Optimizely's widespread impact on diverse functional areas.
  • Cultural Shift: Optimizely's Web Experimentation platform facilitated a cultural shift at DocuSign, accelerating experimentation velocity by simplifying the experiment setup process. Additionally, the platform's ability to provide quick and clear insights into the impact of changes has fostered a data-driven decision-making culture, shaping business decisions and product roadmaps based on experimentation outcomes.

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