At a glance

  • Accelerated development life cycle: Leveraging Optimizely's Web and Feature Experimentation platforms allowed News UK to test features quickly and efficiently, leading to streamlined development processes and enhanced experimentation capabilities.
  • Increased subscriptions and engagement: Through A/B testing website features such as checkout flow and paywall strategies, News UK saw significant gains, such as a 39% increase in subscriptions, demonstrating the value of experimentation in driving business growth.
  • Enhanced personalization and user experiences: Optimizely enabled News UK to experiment with personalized content recommendations, AI integration, and tailored user experiences, contributing to increased engagement and user satisfaction across their platforms
  • Empowered culture of experimentation: A culture of experimentation now exists within News UK, with over 200 users onboarded and trained to utilize the platform effectively, enabling rapid validation of ideas and continuous optimization of user experiences.

Products used