Tenet Group are one of the UK's largest adviser support groups, influencing hundreds of financial advisers across the country. With their 50-years of industry experience, £30m net assets, and major backing from the UK’s largest general insurance, Aviva, Tenet Group are amongst one of the most reliable names within the Financial Advisory arena.

A need to modernize

The group struggled with an out-of-date content management system that no longer met their critical needs. A major hurdle that needed a solution was their limited search function that had a reputation of delivering irrelevant, unhelpful and poor experiences for users.

Keeping pace with industry movement

Senior Tenet Group members rely on their extranet to keep up-to-date with regulatory policies and legislation. It was of upmost importance the search functionality was able to smartly differentiate between relevant information and information that wasn’t required at the time.

Actioning change

Tenet understood the importance of a fluid experience for online users and the role it plays in enhancing the organization reputation. Taking direct action, they partnered with Optimizely Partner of the Year, 2019 CDS due to their capabilities of delivering a new, flexible CMS solution for an extranet, allowing them to grow the business all whilst improving experiences for staff and customers.

Implementing the Optimizely Content Cloud, CDS enabled the financial advisory group access the powerful Episerver Find. This solution complements the user as it delivers a fast, relevant search result.

Smartly analyzing search quries

Tenet Group are now able to turn search queries into highly relevant results through advanced tagging technology that sorts through heavy loads of product information and navigates the sites vast infrastructure.

This combined allows Tenet Group to possess a CMS platform that empowers long-lasting business partnerships.

The outcome

End-users find it easy and fast to find the information they need. In turn, they benefit from higher productivity and a more pleasant and productive digital experience of Tenet. Optimizely Find offers predictive search, supporting a fully responsive site for customers.


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