Leading manufacturer set about strengthening their B2B proposition with Optimizely

The Challenge

Thermon are a B2B manufacturer of safe, reliable and innovative mission-critical industrial process heating solutions. With over 60 years experience in providing complete flow assurance, process heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection, and environmental monitoring solutions they have an envious global reputation of providing solutions that meet the pressing needs of its customers.

Despite being a dominant player in their industry, Thermon were hosting their entire digital environment on a homegrown platform. This held back their true potential as there was no CMS or commerce capability. Partnering with Optimizely Premium Partner, Guidance, Thermon realized the importance of having a robust CMS platform to support B2B commerce activities.

The Solution

After conducting a comprehensive strategic review with key stakeholders, Thermon sought a CMS that gave the ability to easily manage content whilst seamlessly providing advanced functionality. Coupled with their ambitious future plans, it was imperative the CMS solution delivered scalability that would align itself with future growth.

Guidance and Thermon were drawn to Optimizely Content Cloud. Its rich content features, commended functionality, ease of use and ability to scale for personalization and commerce made it proposition matched their principles.

We set out to transform our digital presence so that internal and external stakeholders recognized Thermon as an innovative, progressive and efficient manufacturer of industry leading process heating solutions. We successfully partnered with Guidance and [Optimizely] Episerver to bring this vision to life.

Lance Bielke

Manager, Marketing Communications Thermon

Project Facts
Thermon uses Content Cloud

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