Weiler Abrasives

Weiler Abrasives provides 24/7 access to their products with Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud

With roots dating back to 1898, Weiler Abrasives is building a better future

Joseph E. Weiler was a master brushmaker for the jewelry manufacturing industry in Pforzheim, Germany. His oldest son, Karl E. Weiler, followed in his father’s brush making footsteps and emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1927. In 1944, Karl launched a power brush business in a converted chicken coop on New York’s Long Island. 75 years later, Weiler Abrasives is now led by the fourth generation, Chris Weiler and includes 1300 employees in 8 different countries across the globe.

Weiler Abrasives has grown from a power brush manufacturer to a global surface conditioning problem-solver. Weiler Abrasives is driven by helping their customers build a competitive edge, stay productive and be profitable.

The team takes pride in forming strong relationships with their distributor partners and their end users. In order to create growth and deliver competitive advantages for their customers, Weiler Abrasives launched a journey of digital transformation. Because the team is passionately engaged in bringing forward new ideas, creative problem solving and continuous improvement to serve their customers, Weiler decided to launch a complete digital transformation involving multiple technologies, people and processes.

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Early success with digital transformation

Weiler Abrasives launched an entire long-range digital plan. That plan included implementing a PIM to have a single source of truth for product, then launching a new website powered by Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud.

The new ecommerce website needed to be a global, fully-responsive, multi-lingual website. When the team at Weiler Abrasives went on their hunt for the right ecommerce platform fit they decided to partner with Optimizely for three key reasons:

  • Easy integration with their PIM to provide enhanced product content
  • Slick interface that understands different personas and categories
  • A strong product roadmap

In August 2019, Weiler Abrasives launched a website designed to improve user experiences and provide access to purchase products through select distribution partners.

Weilerabrasives.com features dynamic search functions that allow users to quickly and easily find products, solutions and resources. With the new website, visitors have easy access to product information, can quickly find their local branch or online seller of Weiler products and can access the site anytime, anywhere.