Local Dev Meetups

Calling all developers and technologists - Let's get together! Enjoy a night full of networking, great content/speakers, food, and beverages. Take a look to see when we'll be visiting a city near you and register today! We look forward to meeting up with you soon!

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Optimizely will store and process your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy. You can opt out at any time.

Past Events (2024)

Manchester - Jan 11

Organized by 26 and Kin + Carta


  • Anil Patel, Knight Frank - Azure AI Language: Text Analytics Integration with Optimizely CMS
  • Jacob Pretorius, dotcentric - Introduction to Headless/Graph/SaaS and why we're excited
  • Simon Chapman, Optimizely - Update on Optimizely roadmap and the latest updates on SaaS
  • Andrew Markham, Unrvld - Web and Feature Experimentation: Getting started

Copenhagen - Jan 30

Partnered with DEPT®


  • Simon Chapman, Optimizely - The future of Optimizely
  • Allan Thraen, CodeArt - Initial impressions of SaaS Core CMS and Optimizely Graph
  • Chris Eccles, DEPT® - Lets Talk About Optimizely Decoupled Architecture
  • Alex Boesen & Denis Jensen, Sampension - How to go live with Optimizely CMS 12 in 4 months

Helsinki - Mar 13

Partnered with Knowit


  • Simon Chapman, Optimizely - Future of Optimizely
  • Martin Ottosen, Optimizely - SaaS CMS
  • Kenneth Krohn, Knowit - Learnings from migrating to CMS 12

Past Events (2023)

Manchester - Mar 1

Organized by 26


  • Mark Stott, Lead Optimizely Developer at 26 - Simplifying a new website build on CMS 12
  • Mark Everard, Optimizely Consultant - Liquid Templating
  • Paul Gruffydd, Technical Director at Kin + Carta - Optimizely Content Graph
  • Simon Chapman, Lead Solution Architect at Optimizely - Experimentation

India - Apr 4

Organized by Rightpoint


  • Tomas Hensrud Gulla, CTO i NOVACARE AS. - Upgrading addons for Optimizely CMS from CMS 11 and .NET Framework to CMS 12 and .NET Core.

Stockholm - Apr 25

Organized by Epinova


  • Luc Gosso, OMVP and Senior Web Developer at Epicweb – Plugins you didn't know you needed
  • Matthias Wikenbrant, Junior Tech Lead at Epinova – Server-side rendered JavaScript in Optimizely/.NET
  • Johan Kronberg, OMVP and Software Architect at Tietoevry – Optimizely CMS 11 to 12 migration
  • Open Session – Optimizely .NET Core migration

London - Sep 13

Organized by Niteco and UNRVLD


  • Mark Everard, FFT - Conversation is everyone's favourite User Interface
  • Minesh Shah, Netcel - Responsive Image Rendering: Edge Resizing and .NET 6 Tag Helpers in Action
  • Scott Reed of Niteco and Andrew Markham of UNRVLD - Leveraging the power of CMP to manage your content in both a standard site and Vercel headless site via content graph
  • Paul Gruffydd, Kin + Carta - Bringing the magic of generative AI to the editor with AI assistant

India - Nov 9

Organized by dxred


  • Yagnik Jadav (OMVP), Director of Dxred Technologies
  • Manoj Kunwat (OMVP), Dynamic Dog
  • Rajesh Katare (SME), Tech Mahindra


  • Overview of CMS SaaS Core
  • Mosey Bank React + Next JS Demo
  • Vercel Overview