About Relay42


Relay42 is a Data Management Platform (DMP) which specialises in quick-start compatibility, connecting every channel and technology to activate data across the marketing ecosystem in real-time. The technology allows you to combine valuable first, second and third-party data to engage existing clients, and discover new ones, using the right platform. This empowers enterprises to hold conversations with consumers efficiently at scale, and on all levels, to deliver results.


Brands who integrate Optimizely with Relay42 DMP can take website personalisation and performance to the next level, delivering relevant content with data from the entire omni-channel customer journey and in real-time, using customer data from online and offline sources, including second and third party.

Key Benefits
  • Optimise web experiences real-time per visitor based on interactions across all platforms, e.g. CRM, call centre, media
  • Personalise content via Optimizely one-to-one, with data collecting by the Relay42 DMP, yielding far-reaching results in customer retention, acquisition and product upsell
  • Build audiences in Optimizely to deliver enriched online experiences based on your first, second & third-party data