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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that’s one type. But Server-side Experimentation provides experimentation for each new feature that product teams add to their applications, so you can measure the impact of every release to customers.​

Any, and all of them. SDKs for every language are available and open source so that the entire community of product teams can benefit from new capabilities. Examples include Node.js and React, plus many more apps such as the ones you launch for iOS and Android stores.​

Nope, there’s so much more. Of course, feature flags and experimenting are crucial to your application, but the full feature management capabilities optimize each deployment so you can build better products, faster.​

That’s up to you. Easily set up specific audiences for testing and define Allowlists for specific users and accounts to test new features. Server-side Experimentation helps target and release new features, including the audiences and subsets that you launch them to.​

Analytics is an intuitive dashboard showing the performance of each test and whether features should continue as a positive or roll back due to negative impact.​

Think of each line of code or feature as something that can be tested and deployed to smaller audiences, in smaller releases. It’s simple to mark new features, analyze them and predict their impact on customer experience.​