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Play out consistent messages across your key marketing channels and get to know your customers better.

Individualized approach ​

From personalized messages to multi-level, automated campaigns, you always ensure that your content is highly relevant.

Flexible triggers

Include behavior-based triggers or events in your campaigns so that you reach your target groups at exactly the right moment.

With Optimizely Campaign, we can quickly and easily create, automate and globally control newsletter campaigns. This allows us to reach customers worldwide and retain them in the long term. We also benefit from the reputation we have as a sender thanks to Optimizely. This makes mailing much easier.

Stefan Merker
Chief Marketing Officer, Lecturio
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AI-based personalization for the market leader

AI-based personalization for the MHow to design an effective website to increase sales without reducing margins? Online retailers often have to run campaigns manually and instinctively, which usually leads to average results that require improvement.

Our solution uses big data analytics to automatically integrate personalized product recommendations into emails or send trigger emails to the right recipients at exactly the right time, resulting in leading personalization in the market.arktführer

Delivery time optimization

Say goodbye to the “one size fits all” dispatch time. Use AI-supported send time optimization so that your email is waiting in the inbox of every recipient at the right time.

Smart campaigns

Set up standalone campaigns that inspire your customers in no time at all.

Template kit

Design appealing emails quickly and easily using a sophisticated modular system.

Deliverability preview

Check your mailings in more than 80 clients for correct display.

Transaction mails

Attractive transactional emails make you stand out in your customers' inboxes and draw attention to your company.

Push notifications for apps and web browsers

Inform users quickly and effectively about news and offers


Ensure happy customers - and higher sales - with individual incentives


Send your messages to millions of recipients with excellent deliverability.

Marketing automation

Develop multi-stage campaigns with action- and event-based mailings tailored to different target groups and in fully automated mailing cycles.

  • Lifecycle marketing made easy with drag & drop
  • Sustainable, automated maintenance of customer relationships
  • Effective dialogue marketing through personalized trigger emails
  • Increased revenue through automated cross-selling and upselling campaigns
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Reach your customers via different touchpoints with consistent messages, for example via...

  • E-mail
  • Print mailings
  • SMS
  • Mobile app push
  • Web push

CRM interface

Optimizely Campaign can be connected to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM to synchronize data.

Industry leader in security and data protection

Data protection and confidentiality with regard to customer data are two challenges that many providers face, as not only customer requirements but also legal requirements have to be taken into account. Optimizely Campaign was developed from the ground up with a high level of security in mind. It is one of very few platforms to have ISO 27001 certification. It is a testament to the rigorous processes in place to protect customer data from unauthorized access. The solution also places great emphasis on data protection and helps you to send privacy-compliant messages.

More about security

Next. Level. Email Marketing.

Email marketing is not dead - on the contrary: studies show that the number of email users worldwide is multiplying year on year. In addition, email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels. Email is and will undoubtedly remain one of the most valuable tools for B2B and B2C marketers. Here you will find further information to help you fully exploit the potential of this channel. 

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