Frequently asked questions

Got questions? Need help? Start here. We have collected frequently asked questions on the purchase process, training types, certification and more. Still aren’t able to find an answer to your question? Please contact us.


Because all training is self-paced, the actual time to complete can vary widely:

  • Roughly 100 hours to complete all or most of a Developer subscription (typically over a 4-8 week period)
  • About 25-35 hours to complete all or most of a Business User subscription (typically over a 3-4 week period)

As long as your course and subscription is active, you may retake and revisit the training materials as often as you’d like.

Feedback is always welcome, e-learning courses may contain a brief evaluation form at the end, a star rating or your instructor may provide a link. To provide additional feedback, email:

Course enrollments are only intended for individual candidates and cannot be shared or transferred.

Look out for a reminder from Optimizely Academy.

Dedicated instructor support

The number of minutes available is dependent upon the type of subscription purchased and whether you are receiving one-on-one time or participating in group calls with other members of your organization. If you have questions or needs best addressed through personal coaching, please take advantage of this benefit.

It is intended to supplement e-learning materials, not replace them. Don’t expect the instructor to cover a topic in its entirety, but address lingering questions, aspects specific to the needs of your site or organization, relevant topics lacking in the e-learning materials and challenges with a particular exercise.

Yes, discuss this with your assigned instructor. This is particularly common among business user subscribers, but we can accommodate requests for developers as well.

Premium subscriptions include online Instructor-Led Coaching and mentoring as a valuable component to improve the learning experience. If you don’t know which instructor is assigned to you, contact for help.

If your subscription does not include Instructor-Led Coaching as a benefit, it may be available as an extra cost option. If you attended an instructor-led course instead of a subscription, your instructor may be able to assist you (depending upon the amount of time required) or be able to direct you to someone else who can.

A specific, qualified instructor is assigned to premium subscribers for the duration of their subscription. The instructor will reach out to the subscribers (generally within a week of the registration) with an introductory email and some initial suggestions as to how to get started, as well as recommend timing for the coaching sessions.

Typically, Developer subscribers schedule one-on-one mentoring calls directly with the instructor at various stages of progress within the courses. Business User subscribers can also schedule one-on-one calls directly with the instructor, but if several persons from the same company are utilizing the same subscription, often a group call (with 5 or fewer persons) is advantageous and can be arranged directly with the instructor.


Four full working days before the exam begins.

You may cancel your sheduled certifcation exam up to ten days before the exam begins.

Should you not pass, you need to wait 21 days before you can take an exam again.

Please visit the Certification page to find out how best to prepare for a certification exam.

Purchase and payments

We accept all forms of major credit cards.  We do not accept PayPal.

Yes. When you make your purchase you will receive a voucher in the form of a code for each individual product.  You can then share the individual codes with other candidates.

If you are located in Sweden, you can pay by SEK via an invoice. Otherwise you must pay by credit card if you'd like to make a purchase online.

Please contact directly and we can arrange a contract for signature.

If you have made a mistake with your purchase please contact If you have made a mistake with your purchase please contact

You will receive purchase confirmation from the store. Once you have redeemed your voucher you will receive confirmation from the Optimizely Academy and have immediate access to your course or subscription.

If you have purchased a certification attempt, you will receive usernames and passwords two working days before the exam takes place. If you have purchased an instructor-led session you will hear from the trainer the week before the course starts.

The currency should default to the region that you are located but you can change the currency at the bottom of the page. Currently purchases can be made in USD, Euro, SEK, NOK, DKK, GBP and AUD.

Technical information

Generally, the currently available version of Optimizely. Exceptions can be made for dedicated training sessions.

For Developer subscriptions you will need a PC or laptop capable of compiling and running a .NET MVC-based web application.

See for detailed recommendations (specifically, for a Development environment). Note that the Local DB option found within the Visual Studio installer is sufficient for the database.
For Business User subscriptions, reliable internet access and an up to date web browser are sufficient (Chrome, Firefox, or the new Edge browser are recommended).

Yes, however this would require the installation of Visual Studio on your machine and is recommended for more advanced users only. A site created on a local machine would only be accessible to persons who log in directly to that machine; it is not intended to be shared by multiple persons.


Subscription seats, classroom seats, or exam attempts are all assigned to a specific student and are non-transferable without permission from Episerver. In specific circumstances exceptions can be made for a subscription seat that is effectively unused, or a classroom seat/exam attempt one week in advance of the scheduled date.

Premium subscribers should contact their assigned trainer by email; others can email

We offer instructor-led sessions in Swedish. Please contact for further information.

Please contact and we will gladly help.

Most scheduled classes will contain students from multiple companies and it may not be possible to accommodate a request for a specific web-conferencing solution. In some cases, an online course may contain only students from one organization or be a dedicated course purchased for a specific organization. In this case your instructor can use Microsoft Teams if preferred over Zoom, or your organization can host the web conference on WebEx or Skype and make the instructor the presenter.