Why most choose Optimizely after Maxymiser

Optimizely is the world leader in digital experimentation and optimization. We created the A/B testing category over 10 years ago and we're still trusted by many of the world’s leading brands today.


  1. Industry-leading Innovation: Optimizely has been innovating in experimentation since 2010 - and we haven’t slowed down, pioneering algorithms and contributing to the field of sequential statistics to help revenue optimization teams increase velocity with greater confidence in results.
  2. Robust web experimentation: Every type of experiment you’re running and more is available in Optimizely Web Experimentation. Create personalized experiences, targeted messages and recommendations that will improve conversion rates.
  3. World-class execution services: Optimizely offers a full test execution team, called Rapid Experimentation, complete with strategists, developers, designers, and QA. This team will provide you with hands-on support as you run your tests on the platform, ensuring your program doesn't miss a beat.
  4. Personalization with confidence: Get insights into your personalization efforts like never before. Deliver a great customer experience with confident, hyper-personalized experiences.
  5. Fast Load Performance: Use the world’s fastest experimentation platform offering less than 50 millisecond experiment load times, meaning you can run more experiments simultaneously in more places, without affecting user experience or page performance.
  6. Powerful integrations: Optimizely Web Experimentation seamlessly integrates across applications, providing robust testing solutions and comprehensive product, customer, and strategic support. Browse our current integrations.
  7. Seamless transition: Concerned about switching tools? Our expert team will help you transition smoothly from Maxymiser to Optimizely Web Experimentation, with minimal disruption to your ongoing experiments.
  8. Global support and expertise: A team of over 350 experts backs the platform, which integrates seamlessly across applications, providing robust testing solutions and comprehensive product, customer, and strategic support.
  9. Developer-friendly with customer-driven innovation: Choose from open SDKs in 12 languages for easy integration, featuring versatile full-stack capabilities and a wealth of experimentation expertise.




Advanced personalization tools 

Designed to build the richest, most relevant experiences and use machine learning to power audience creation 



Statistically sound results 

Easy to use Stats Engine with enterprise-grade reporting, error-proof sequential stats 



Real-time results 

Complete experiments within hours when traffic permits, and take a quick peek as the results come in live 



Show the winning variant sooner 

Using multi-arm bandit machine learning, serve more people the outperforming variant 



Flexible analytics for data science 

You choose what data to send and have flexibility over what to report or run experiments on 



Zero-latency SDK for server-side experimentation  

No network blocking requests, for those who want to test their apps without sacrificing loading speed 



Test even faster with CDN experimentation 

Offload some logic to the web, with instant-loading CDN testing with an easy to use visual editor 



Comprehensive developer documentation  

With an active community of optimizers on Github 



Powerful integrations  

Use data from Salesforce, FullStory, Segment, Contentful CMS and more in experiments 



Experiment everywhere 

Test in apps, in code, on the web, anywhere 



Turn features off and on remotely 

Roll out features in-code using SDKs available in 10+ programming languages for those more technically inclined 



Experiment ideation and planning 

Planning, scoring, and voting functionality to improve efficiency and experimentation velocity 



Global ROI focused support 

On-demand services, and strategic consulting team to increase your experiment velocity and win rate 



PCI compliance 

Experiment and personalize through the end of funnel. For example within checkout experiences 



Ready to take your digital experiences to the next level?

Optimizely is trusted by over 9,000 leading companies for digital experiences, content management, experimentation and commerce.

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Embrace the future with Optimizely Web Experimentation

As Oracle Maxymiser steps back, step forward with Optimizely. Join a thriving community of over 9,000 brands and unlock sophisticated experimentation, tailored to your business.

Optimizely Web Experimentation is not just an alternative, it's a better choice to support the success and growth of your experimentation program. Further considerations include:

Integration with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 brings new enhancements in tracking, data analysis, privacy, reporting, and customization. For organizations already using or transitioning to Google Analytics 4, it’s seamless with Optimizely Web Experimentation since we are already fully integrated with Google Analytics 4 and other leading analytics platforms.

Comprehensive experimentation services

Partnering with Optimizely means adding an experienced optimization team to your roster. Our Rapid Experimentation team provides extensive support in ideation, prioritization, training, data analysis, around-the-clock critical support, testing strategies, campaign builds, and specialized industry knowledge.

Unified A/B testing, personalization, and recommendations platform

Instead of juggling multiple tools for client-side experimentation, personalization, product recommendations, server-side testing, and feature flagging, Optimizely Web Experimentation offers a comprehensive solution. Our platform combines these functionalities into one user-friendly interface, streamlining your optimization efforts.

Advanced server-side testing

Our server-side technology offers unique benefits, enhancing your experimentation capabilities. Replace Maxymiser’s functions and access advanced server-side experimentation, API and content transformation, and improved page load times, all within the natural traffic flow.

Enhanced performance with concurrent experiments

Engage in simultaneous participation with multiple experiments without conflicts, flicker, or user experience issues. This capability significantly expands the scope and number of concurrent testing and personalization campaigns you can conduct.

Google Optimize also sunset recently, and we're the best replacement

In 2023, when Google announced the sunset of Optimize, their experimentation tool, Optimizely was a leading choice for their customers as an alternative platform and partner to help keep their program running and position it for future growth.

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Optimizely will store and process your personal data as described in our privacy notice. You can opt out at any time.