Optimizely Global Services

Optimizely and our strategic partners offer a variety of services that encompass the needs of your organization, from initial implementation to ongoing assistance to take your program to the next level. Customers that leverage Optimizely Services launch 6x more experiments and personalization campaigns after 12 months than those without Optimizely Services.

Why Services

Build People, Process, and Product

Being successful with optimization isn’t just being successful with Optimizely. Work with experts who can help you mature your experimentation program.

See Value Faster

Innovate faster than the competition by embracing a data-driven approach to ongoing experimentation.

Empower your Team

Build your team’s knowledge and skills through interactive, engaging training and hands-on consulting from experts.

Transform your Culture

Accelerate your growth with ongoing learning opportunities, technical support, and strategic guidance.

Accelerate Services

Take a phased approach to your experimentation program. During our Accelerate program, proven optimization experts collaborate with your team to:

  • Tailor your Optimizely Implementation, ensuring a strong technical foundation for your optimization program to build on
  • Ensure Long-term Success by training your team on optimization strategy
  • Improve Effciency and Effectiveness by helping to leverage the platform to its full potential

Advisory Services

Know what you’re doing but want to evolve your program? Get guidance from the experts.

  • Consultation from Optimizely’s technical and strategic experts to increase velocity, quality and sophistication
  • Advanced Technical Guidance from integrations to enhancing your implementation
  • Up-level your Optimization Program through process, team structures, and experimentation strategy guidance

Managed Services

Set yourself up for long term program success with the resources and expertise that you need to execute a world-class optimization program.

  • Strategy and Technical Expertise: Our partners know Optimizely better than anyone in the industry and bring a depth of experience to every interaction
  • Customized Engagements: From full program management to speci c skill augmentation, tailor the scope to what you need
  • Built on Delivering ROI: Our Partners are geared around delivering value to their customers and increasing their conversion rates

Training Services

Want your team to learn together, in your own environment? Optimizely offers three formats of custom training sessions delivered to your organization to empower the teams that use Optimizely.

  • Training Webinars are 15 regularly scheduled, interactive webinars covering all the core Optimizely and experimentation skills.
  • On-site Trainings are hosted at your office to deliver training day(s) fully customized to your business's use cases and implementation of the Optimizely platform.

Training is included with Accelerate and can be paired with Advisory Services (see above).

Private On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services is focused on execution help for an existing roadmap. For guidance on experimentation strategy, ideation, or analytics, please see our Managed Services or Advisory Services offering.

  • Dedicated Optimization Manager who will help manage your testing program
  • Technical Resources that deliver best in class design, development, QA, and test configuration support
  • Straightforward Packaging to support a pre-defined number of experiments each month with any level of complexity

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