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Delighted makes collecting and sending the Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to Data Platform a breeze.



The Delighted app enables marketers to leverage NPS scores as surveyed via Delighted in their segmentation or as a trigger for conditional campaign content.

NPS scores polled in the past 12 months will be synced as part of the historical import. New responses will be synced in real time.

Features & Use Cases

  • Historical NPS scores synced on import (scores received by Delighted in the past 12 months)
  • New/updated NPS scores synced in real time
  • Can use the numeric delighted_nps_score (a new customer profile field) anywhere customer attributes are accessible, for example:
    • Segmentation (send a message to Detractors (delighted_nps_score <= 6) about improvements in product/process)
    • Conditional Blocks in campaign content (show a block advertising your affiliate program only to Promoters (delighted_nps_score >= 9))

Requirements & Limitations

  • Historical NPS score is loaded only for users who have responded to an NPS survey in the past 12 months
  • To configure, users must have access to the Delighted dashboard and be able to:
    • provide the Delighted private API key to ODP, and
    • configure a Webhook integration.
  • ODP does not currently manage the sending of NPS surveys - please continue to configure and send these messages within Delighted.

Setup & Installation

  1. Obtain your Delighted API key (it should be visible here when logged in to Delighted).
  2. Paste your Delighted API key to the ODP settings form and click save.
  3. Copy your "Delighted Webhook URL" from the settings form.
  4. Navigate to Delighted's Webhook integration
  5. Click "Add a new rule"
  6. Leave the dropdown set to "All responses", and paste the Delighted Webhook URL into the box labeled "to".
  7. Leave "send unsubscribe notifications" unchecked.
  8. Click "Save & turn on"

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