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Grow revenue with data-driven marketing

Align your entire brand around the customer experience​ and let us do the heavy lifting of surfacing opportunities, automating tasks and streamlining execution.​

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Harmonize customer data

One-click integrations bring data from all channels into a harmonized format that resolves customer identities and provides actionable insights.

Understand your customers

Persistent profiles adapt to customer behavior in real-time unlocking flexible, personalized and data-driven marketing.

Eliminate analysis paralysis​

AI-powered predictive analytics scale highly personalized multichannel campaigns without the attribution headaches or guesswork.

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Optimizely is trusted by over 9,000 leading companies for digital experiences, content management, experimentation and commerce.

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Customer Data

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Make it simple to design and orchestrate omnichannel campaigns that add relevance into every touchpoint across marketing, commerce and service channels.


Enhance your segmentation with deep customer insights and predictive recommendations derived from a data-science model built and tuned specifically to your business.

Unify profiles

Putting your shopper at the center of everything starts with unifying your data into one actionable customer profile.

Data Platform Lite

Stitch customer and account profiles to create holistic view that goes deeper than just website traffic with enriched first-party data.

  • Harmonized data
  • Unified customer profiles
  • Lead with first-party data
About Data Platform Lite

Predict customer behavior​

Knowing your customers is about more than simply understanding who they are. Anticipating each customer’s real-time intent provides a clear path to more relevant messaging, and with a direct connection to your campaigns you can transform data into valuable customer engagements.

Uncover hidden opportunities ​

Knowing what is performing is just the beginning, you need insight into the future. Surface promising opportunities that will lift metrics, increase revenue and allow you the flexibility to delight customers with relevant and personalized experiences.

The experts agree. Optimizely named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™

Forrester Research named Optimizely a leader in the Forrester Wave report for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) on strength in testing and optimization, digital commerce and platform operations.

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